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  1. I'm a rank amateur and just started Mark's course last year, but I'm learning and studying what is out there. I do know that repair costs increase dramatically with complications but the monopoly thing has prevented me from joining the exclusive watch club. I gave the Hamilton Khaki Field route a brief study, but they don't even have an adjustable escapement now! Anyway, I wanted to offer an obvious thought about the crown, tube and stem. Cannot these be replaced? I know the tube can be pressed out and a new one fitted. These should be easily sourced for the 7750 movement. Or am I making this too simplistic? What is the real difference in levels of movements? Finish and accuracy I know are touted, but won't they basically be the same?
  2. I received the Rockwell 2C yesterday. Works great. Gunmetal very well done and looks like black chrome. Very heavy. May be the best deal out there for $30 US. Only two light settings. That's good enough for me. Silly thing to be excited about, I know. I am easily amused!
  3. Fascinating and exotic. I am envious of your spirit of adventure! Some day when time permits, a scenery video would be wonderful to see.
  4. Thailand. I thought Mark mentioned Taiwan in one of his videos and perhaps mistook it as a joke. I've not traveled much. Been in the Rome airport a few times and spent a few weeks in Greece, but never lived anyplace more exotic than Kansas City. Living in the Ozark hills was culture shock. You know how far I have to drive to buy anything like decent scotch? It's a day trip! I would love to see the U.K. Give up my artillery and move there? I don't think so. I suspect Mark is having at us. I suspect he has made so much money off of us he has moved to a large country estate!
  5. You're serious? Must be a bit of culture shock. Is there a decent tin of Spam available?
  6. A word of encouragement: I retired and moved into a new home in August of 2005. I lost my favorite microphone. Finally purchased a replacement after 3 weeks of searching. I found the old one last week. What season is this in Taiwan?
  7. But seriously, folks....... If you have an old razor laying round, it's cheap to try. Couple dollars will get you a blade sampler on the auction, I paid around 20 dollars for a badger brush and chrome holder for the brush and razor (Muisco, Amazon), and 10 dollars gets a tube of Italian shaving cream. Proraso is amazing stuff. Incredible amount of lather from a centimeter of cream and a little water. I can't recommend this product strongly enough. I had seen Clark Gable shave with something from a tube in a 30's movie. Can't say I ever encountered it otherwise until recently. And this is part of the deal. Nostalgia. Sandalwood has an aroma I had not encountered since childhood. It brought images of my grandfather immediately to mind. That's what that orange colored shaving soap smelled like! Always wondered. No idea what brand it was, likely from a door to door company called Watkins, no longer in existence. Shaving this way is tedious and time consuming. Expect cuts if you have soft skin such as mine. But the accoutrements, chemicals and the precision required all combine to give me another hobby. It makes a terribly mundane task enjoyable. My Gillette is sadly lacking. It was probably their last model and dates to early in 1977. The blade in it is from early in 1978. I kept the blade. It probably gave Granddad his last shave and was probably given to him in the hospital by my father toward the end. It's a terrible razor! Part nylon, crooked head and guides. It was toward the end of Gillette's production of DE types. Thanks to TMuir, I have a Rockwell coming. I got the 2C in gunmetal as don't really need all of the adjustments. I was planning to buy the Australian Viking Emperor, but can't really see needing the complications of all the adjustments and the thing is too fat to fit my razor holder! Glad I checked this out first! It could have been disastrous . The proprieties must be observed!
  8. The blade handle on the left is attached to the honing mechanism lever via a spring-loaded bearing. The nickel plated blade on the right side is attached to the honing bar that slides on the red leather strop. The grey honing stone is part of the closing lid. The leather strop and the hone lids are not interchangeable as the blade needs to push against the hone but pull against the strop. The blade has a safety guard with pivot action that allows it to vary the shaving angle while providing safe operation. The head of the blade handle locks perpendicular to the blade using a slide type of action with the spring-loaded bearing providing additional stability Sheesh! That was gleaned from Wiki. Fascinating contrivance! I've never encountered such a thing. Good find!
  9. Guys, shall we let him in on the carbon fiber toilet paper also?
  10. Ah. When you say Google, you've said it all! Thanks, gentlemen. If it is the parts list I already have then good enough. Just wondering why I couldn't see it. And thanks for the Omega rules for lube. Had not seen this document. Am in the process of restoring a 2370 in a Wyler owned since new. Just wanted to fill the file with info.
  11. Most of the blades available today are from India, Pakistan & China, regardless of the name on them. Feather is Japanese. Personna is made in Russia, Israel & the USA. I use the US made in the blue and white box. I also retired from the cop business. Though support personnel, was forced by law to shave daily. Tortuous 30 years of my life, but now they pay me to stay home. Hah! I collect pocket knives and take Granddad's straight razor out of it's box occasionally for a look but shave with it? I don't think so. I watched eBay for weeks and finally bought my birth year Gillette. Non-adjustable and fixed at somewhere between epidermis and bone. I used it once. It's in the display case....
  12. Thanks. Have that parts list from somewhere. I was referring to the tech sheets data pages under resources on this site. I was hoping to get that for oil data, etc. The 2370 is listed but when you select it it displays: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0 Then there is a button to "Contact Us". I did that and received no response. I have the watch together by now. Was just wondering why it seems to be missing. The file was added in 2015 and list a number of views.
  13. The 2370 shows up in the directory but there is nothing there to view. Only an error message displays. Anyone have an answer?
  14. If memory serves, all of Mark's downloadable PDF's are text only.
  15. I'd grow a beard but have been genetically cursed with a sparse heavy growth. I did have chin whiskers just after retirement, but it made me look like the old geezer from a really old western movie. Granddad used a Solingen straight. I still have it along with the razor strap he used. I think it was in the early 60's Dad bought him a Gillette for Christmas. After he tried it (reluctantly according to Grandmother) he never went back. Double edged blades were as hard to find here as a complete balance for an Elgin 12S at one time. Imagine my surprise to see them make a comeback! Now if I can just find that balance... Oh, it belonged to Granddad also.
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