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  1. That is a drawback to having guns. They do frown on one for using them!
  2. They sent letters out over here also. Sent them via TV, sent them via internet, sent them via Fakebook and then finally via post. The wife ventured in to collect the postal box in town and found many of them laying on the floor of the post office. Got them by rural post also. We HAVE been notified. Today: Proper hand washing. Tomorrow: Proper use of turn signals on cars.
  3. You have guns in the UK? We thought you gave them up.
  4. A friend sent this today. Cats are just amazing creatures. When they're being good!
  5. That "Kitty in a bowl" GIF just made my entire day! Thank you!
  6. "Scientific consensus", by it's very nature is a total oxymoron.
  7. Oh yes. One must have two cats. One will annoy you while two will annoy each other! From yesterday, I can offer proof that I did NOT spend the afternoon in the easy chair. Actually had considered watching a televised repeat of a 1986 NASCAR race. Back when Real men drove Real cars in NASCAR. But I got sidetracked in the workshop. I am attempting to build a long range microphone so the wife can hear the frogs in the forest. Hey, keeps me busy in the house and away from humanity. I spend most of my time at home since retiring. At least until the fishing starts up. A friend in the city says he is not bored yet, but is amazed to find 14,283 grains of rice in one box whilst there are only 13,997 in another. Hmmm. I'm coughing my head off, but believe it to be a cold. Have no temperature and can still eat anything in sight. I am encouraged. Take care of yourselves and family!
  8. Now that Heritage is neat! Will it get a service so we can see inside?
  9. I was holding back in the hope that a more learned person would come along, but that looks to be a pretty old piece. I wonder if the stem didn't snap into the case as with the Elgin pocket watches of that era. About all I can offer.
  10. 1974 U.S. Military Benrus branded Eta 2750 A number of decades in a drawer with a bent lug and the wrong crown. Finally found a NOS case on ebay. Invested in a crystal claw, new MS from Cousins and a crown from stock. My first front loader and thank you Mark for the excellent video. I managed to rebuild it and get it back together without losing the lume from the hands so left the patina intact. Gains around 4 seconds a day or less. Finding a period correct one piece black nylon strap was as hard as finding the MS!
  11. This weeks video has been posted to YouTube!
  12. Marble Machine X is getting close! I've been amazed watching Martin go from a hand held saw to CNC machines and TIG welding. It looks to be nearing an end and I hope it's a good end!
  13. If available in your part of the world, Sea Foam Deep Creep is hands down the best rusted screw remover ever made and available at motor parts stores. Everything from old fire trucks to watches. I've used it on a number of setting lever screws after water ingress. They looked hopeless, but freed in 24 hours of immersion soaking. One lever cleaned up enough to be reused. The trick is to be able to get the screw into the stuff without getting it on the dial. Not sure what it would do to a dial.
  14. Hadley on the left is about 7 while Winston is just about 2. Hadley, for the writer Homer Hadley Hickam whose story of "Paco" convinced me to adopt a cat after some years without one and Winston, after Churchill. We were asked to foster Winston for a month as the shelter was over burdened with kittens. He exhibited some British Short hair characteristics. Hence... "Paco: The Cat Who Meowed In Space" is a nice short read for Kindle users. Heart warming and inspiring for cat lovers, it is also full of insider NASA information if one is interested in space travel. Who could possibly not be! Of course, no financial interest in Hickam on my part. Just a fan.
  15. Wow! Users I've not seen even seen before. Geeze. I'm starting to write the way I talk.
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