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  1. Consider this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072JXQ9P5/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_fcp.Db9D8H1RS Dual transducers and quite well made for the money. Even has a fan to cool the electronics and the price is nominal. I wish people were not afraid to specify their locations. Here in the states, V M & P Naptha is cheap and readily available. Chemical names vary by country.
  2. That stem pulls out to enable the movement to be pivoted up and out of the case. Do this carefully as the bottom of the dial will strike the case and ruin the enamel. I have a similar watch a couple of years newer that belonged to my great grandfather. I had it overhauled back in the 80's, but have not taken it apart yet! Not 100 percent certain how to tackle these old full plate watches. I need to see a video on how that works.
  3. I would suggest "Watch repairs, help and advice" section of the forum. You can always count on the "Forum Police" to guide you if it's wrong
  4. I too am beginning and got started with Mark and the lesson course. Worth every penny. I'm a year in and just feeling confident with cleaning and oiling. Still get hung up on hairsprings! Uphill climb. I have a loose roller on a Waltham wristwatch at the moment. Staking set would be nice....Think I'll try Loctite!
  5. Welcome! You're lucky to be so far from me. Lathe, staking tools AND flintlocks. I'd camp out at your place!
  6. ...And the original owner of this Stowa lived in Munich.
  7. Thanks. The original Stowa plant was destroyed in '45 from what I've read. Probably not much info out there. Interesting about the reverse adapter. I would need a fully adjustable lens for that to work and wanted one anyway... Add that to my wants/needs list.
  8. Ah. My granddaughter and family are in the vicinity of Kaiserslautern. Small world! Not sure these pictures are going to be worth anything. I thought some close up rings on the Nikon might, but NO! This is the cheap Asian microscope shots. They look like hand drawn images to me. The first must be remarks about the gold content. It may be gold, but is very small! Second is rather poor but is a design. Perhaps a trademark? Third is just numbers. I suspect a serial. There are no other markings on the watch other than the name, Stowa, above the hands. I'd love to know more about the piece. My neighbor came here as a young girl after the war, her mother had the watch so it must pre-date the 40's. Alas, with a broken staff, I'll probably just reassemble it and give it back. I am a long way from being able to repair such a thing.
  9. Welcome. It's a great bunch in here. If I try and get a decent closeup of the markings on a pre-WWII Stowa ladies watch, can you decipher it for me? It belongs to a neighbor, has a broken balance staff and will probably never live again until I get much farther into this thing...
  10. Hey! If not for the Brit's, we wouldn't have come here so thanks!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all! It's a great time for childhood memories of great feasts of freshly shot ducks and geese all baked to perfection along with the store bought turkey, pumpkin pie, candied yams, oyster dressing, oh my. What's left of my family will gather this weekend so the wife and I plan a smaller dinner this evening. It will still be good. Just her and I and the cats. One cat (the part British Short-hair) thinks he is a dog so we're a well rounded family down here in the woods. Enjoy!
  12. It is all an acquired enjoyment. Cast Strength Laphroaig is mixed 50/50 with water and goes a long way! It's economical! Can never find it in the hinterlands of the states so I love those who don't like it! Leaves me a hope for another score. But Speyside, I use for a balance dip!
  13. Cask Strength Laphroaig I see? Hasn't been any of that in my neck of the woods for years. Sigh...
  14. Another fellow Ozark American? Greetings and good luck with your studies. It's a great way to drain off excess cash! I took Mark's course and highly recommend it. Welcome to this great group!
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