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  1. I recall in one of Mark's videos he said he no longer took in work. He probably knows we'd be tough customers!
  2. Interesting. Don't recall those. I really was only in the Wyler shop one time. I started work in the local radio station and discovered what a large bulk tape eraser can do to a hairspring... The fellow knew his hairsprings. He UN-knotted it and it still works but I hold my breath when I demagnetize a watch!
  3. Yes. Wrong is what it is. The catalog lists outer diameter only. I made an attempt at enlarging the inside by scraping with a knife. That could work. Got close! In my zeal the crystal got a couple of scratches above the mounting surface. By polishing those out, the inner diameter got enlarged. I'll try another next time I place an order. In my collection is another Wyler of the same style with the ESA9150 movement. I've hit a wall trying to re-crystal it also. I wish my home town jeweler had sold a different brand!
  4. Interesting. I prefer a seconds hand that works for a living! Always kept me from the 7750 types.
  5. Standard crystal is the problem. G-S lists one, but the model 1162 is apparently used on other cases. I bought the one listed and it's the correct outside size. Inside is too small and I don't own a lathe yet! One thing I've learned: It's always something.
  6. Yep. "Waterproof" with press on collar. I've never encountered another colored one. It's Avocado green! The color was all the rage at that time. Even on kitchen appliances. It is green through and through. I still have the crystal. Just needs really serious polishing. The watch has black luminous hands on a silver dial and looks pretty good in clear. Eventually!
  7. I received a Wyler 1162 from Dad for graduation. Just a simple, no date 17J. Still have it and recently gave it a clean & oil with new mainspring. Not in service yet as no crystal is available. I bought a PA460, but the inside is too small. I scraped and polished until it was too big! I'll order another and try it again... The original crystal is still basically serviceable but is green. Honest to goodness dark green. It had a green leather strap that got misplaced over the years. Wonder if others recall colored crystals? This is the only one I recall seeing. If Dad had just gone down another block, a jeweler sold Bulova and a new brand by the name of Seiko! Oh I had a Westclox pocket watch and a Timex before the Wyler. They are long since gone.
  8. I perhaps misunderstood the entirety of this question. This movement should be replaceable if you can identify it. Ebay is one source.
  9. Your original description reminded me of a recent problem I had with a different movement. I switched screws.......The head on the screw holding the pallet cock turned out to look the same, but had a minutely thicker head. This caught the balance and stopped it. I felt really silly but it was a very rewarding fix!
  10. Do you know this web sight? https://pocketwatchdatabase.com/search/result/illinois/2298372 This tells you about the movement. Click on "parts" to see what they know about fitment. Very handy for most American watches. I have not been into the Illinois brand yet. Good luck!
  11. Messing with an old Elgin pocket watch. The impulse pin is dead center of the banks and I can only dream of .5 MS!
  12. Call a Nissan dealer and inquire about parts for their CVT transmissions. Seiko won't sell parts directly to a customer nor will most electronics companies. Nothing new about that.
  13. Yeah. Once it gets smoothed out there's nothing for the blade to catch on As I said earlier, Personna blades are my best find so far. The Rockwells which came with my new Rockwell razor seem pretty good also and are Swedish made. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but I can cut myself with a Norelco - seriously. The Rockwell on setting 1 didn't nick at all, however I had to go over a few spots a couple of times.
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