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  1. Don't seem to find a dealer in my region, but it sure sounds wonderful from what I just read. Guinness is my favorite of what is available here. They throw hops into it for export but what can I say... Most of the beer made here is filtered through goats. Little known truth! When I was working and the pressure was on, a pint of Guinness - sip off the head - add Jameson to top off the glass and watch your cares slip away.
  2. They're bi-directional? Did not know that. I'll try that next time and I hope next time never comes! I've managed to find every ping so far but for an ETA2370 spring barrel. Truth is as messed up as fiction. Never work around open boxes of radio parts and try and stick to just one hobby in any given region!
  3. Is it possible to position it horizontally and fill up the screen?
  4. Well I figure to be a beginner for at least 10 more years, but: rduckwor didn't mention that they turn into position. Actually they screw in clockwise as though into threads. Tweezers or a small screwdriver did the trick for me whilst steadying with pegwood. I bought the kit of tools from Jules Borel, but mainly to get the Kifs.... Found some pinged ones later in the oddest of places! And another bit of advice learned the hard way. Save the profanity until you are a minimum 2 meters from the bench. Saves many heartaches!
  5. This guy thinks it is: https://youtu.be/Jx5fWMSwDCY Heavier than the 1981 version I bought new. Don't spray any type of electronics cleaner in the case! It clouded the lettering on my bezel! Also, the crystal is hard to press out. I'll leave that to someone who knows for certain as I trashed mine. Found a new glass, but still looking for the dial bezel.
  6. Got the parts car today....Interestingly it is a close serial to mine but a year or two older. The pins are apparently pressed in with no sign of the other end on the dial side of the plate and obviously no screw slots. Also they are straight so no adjustment would have been possible. My old movement's pins were curved. Nice parts, but the pilot hole for the pin end of the stem is missing, appears to have been a bodged repair whereby someone ground the plate away and stuck a chunk of metal in it's place with a ready made hole... OK. Maybe I can do something similar. The stem was broken flush with the movement. Whoever had it must have been hell on stems! Is there a mathematical formula for how many movements a fellow would need to purchase on eBay to finish a watch? Variables would likely be related to age of caliber and amount available to spend plus or times the total desire to see it play again
  7. Seafoam! In the tank and the aerosol can into the fuel rail. (If you can get Seafoam where you are). Also freed the stuck valve on my '93 Pathfinder and their Deep Creep penetrating oil is the only thing I use on anything from tractors to rusted motion works!
  8. Wow. I wish mine was like that! Alas it is not. Mine are smooth on the dial side of the plate and almost appear to have been peened into position. Perhaps it could have been rotated from the top which would mean it probably just rotated into the bad position. Probably exactly what happened! I might have twisted it a bit and returned it to normal. Oh well. I'm still learning. I've a number of pocket watches with slotted and rotatable pins but it just never occurred to me to try and move them in that way. I recall de Carle's book and the picture of bending those pins and I gave it an ill fated try. Guess that's how we learn. Thanks gentlemen. I'll have the watch on the "Watch of the day" thread one day. I swear it!
  9. I just hope that couldn't have happened in the ultrasonic cleaner. It would have to have been a bridge striking it and the bridges are very light. This is a very small movement. (That pallet fork is the smallest I have attempted so far).
  10. I'm rebuilding an Elgin 683 grade wrist watch. Don't know how I managed to miss it, but the inner most banking pin was bent toward the other pin. Enough so that the pallet won't swing. I didn't notice until reassembly. Of course I moved it....Some......Before it broke off clean at the plate. I suspect that was pressed in and with the right tooling a fellow could make one and put it back in there. I simply found a cheap parts movement on ebay and ordered it. Hopefully, it will be good. But any ideas on how that might have happened anybody? Could that happen in an ultrasonic bath? Seems unlikely to me. Some guy put it back together that way and it never ran again? I'm awash in curiosity. Other than rusty stem and setting lever the watch was in very good condition as though it had sat for many years.
  11. "Lateral Lever". Fascinating.
  12. Ugh. I see broaches are not free either. Something else to add into the "Want List". Projects get set aside until I can get back to them and I am running out of room as I go broke! But I'm having a fantastic time. Thanks Mark!
  13. You got any naked pictures of it, Yank? I didn't remember MW selling a house brand watch. 70's from the style I'd guess.
  14. I'll bump that. Would like to read a good dissertation on the subject of broaches as a part of my studies.
  15. Is there a video of this timepiece posted somewhere? I've only seen stills. And, welcome to the forum, Sid. Fine fellows here.
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