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How do I remove this screw with two holes in it?

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Hi *,

Sorry if this was asked before, I do not know what to look for. How is this type of screw called when it has two holes in it? And most importantly how do I unscrew it without damaging it? Is there a tool for it? How is it called?

The screw in question is marked with red on the pic.

Best regards,



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It's called a "pig nose" nut.

the typical kind of tool for these is like a screw driver blade with the middle ground out.


I have made my own for watch work by adapting an old pair of dividers from an old draftsmans drawing set. I have simply replaced the pointed pins with straight pins.

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Hi       Well we learn something every day. Its a "pig nose nut" I have undone many of these like Marc with a home made tool, Mine was a screw driver ground and filed for the purpose .  As Marc mentioned use old dividers and they must be old the new ones have only a stud point not much metal to play with.

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