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Information on my box lot of watch stems

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Hi there, I have inherited this box lot of watch stems, please could anyone be able to decipher the numbers written on the packets please, some I can find using google but I am not sure of the way I need to describe them , thank you...  I am not using this site for selling purposes … just to gather information from anyone who might be able to help...  and also check out my large glass advertising piece … I am from new zealandIMG_20190525_195917393.thumb.jpg.0b5814c38d807aa70fe07b477e73b617.jpgIMG_20190525_195846092.thumb.jpg.d0c3ff261ce9a4a4db923e6649d5ea1b.jpgIMG_20190525_195735787.thumb.jpg.aa7d2e3e07d2599c7fe25dd399bbdfb6.jpgIMG_20190525_195537691.thumb.jpg.f9f2721756c4519793f363f41de03338.jpgIMG_20190525_195515954.thumb.jpg.a3f0ca3d8424aa4da84e4dd4dea09a8e.jpgIMG_20190525_195502918.thumb.jpg.66d65ba06425300fa8369f2df5a8169e.jpgIMG_20190525_195459536.thumb.jpg.b2301bc89615ae88cc4939905e2169e9.jpgIMG_20190525_195453245.thumb.jpg.837ac040032faf4fe89aaad96e4614e4.jpgIMG_20190525_195203650.thumb.jpg.adfa20dd4991af4dd2ea385fdebade62.jpg

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The second picture is balance staffs. they are printed or or noted with a supplier assortment number, a maker and part number, as well sizes.
Be aware that in  99% of the cases these parts are not rare or expensive, so you could as well group them by maker, in a lot of 4 or 5, include all the writings in the description, take a group picture and let the buyer figure if what they need is in there.

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    • Hi  Should be ok for practise although the calender work is a bit extra for training, as long as its a disposable movement should anthing go wrong.  I have enclosed the tech sheet for that model, might help as you re assemble the movement.  all the best 3897_Ronda RL 1013, 1113 (RL), 1213, 1313_Smaller.pdf
    • Thank you for reply. the Ronda 1113 is sold as new old stock. Working and at only £8.50. I will pick one up and practice. Thank alot.   
    • For a newcomer the skills you'll be needing to pick up are to do with dexterity in handling small parts with tweezers, undoing screws and making sure the screwdriver blade doesn't slip, cleaning parts, reassembly, putting the balance back in place etc. etc. You don't want to be starting out with expensive movements and so pin-lever designs (like the Ronda 1113) are ideal as they'll introduce you to the makeup of a watch and allow you to practice the above skills and can be picked up pretty inexpensively. Initially I'd advise getting hold of a working movement. This way you can concentrate on the important dexterity skills and disassembling and reassembling with the aim of the watch still working afterwards! The danger with picking up a non-working movement - especially on cheaper movements with limited shock protection and jewel counts  - is that the balance staff can be shot or parts worn which then means you have to get other movements the same for spares or new parts which outweigh the value of the movement. So in summary I'd say the actual movement you chose is less important than getting something that works already and/or where there is good availability of other 'spares or repairs' movements the same so if something goes wrong you have a parts backup source.  
    • Hi guy’s, does anybody on here know anything about consul watches!     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Old movement probably been sitting idle for long time, I soak the movement in naphta   for a day or two or apply penetrating oil which  reduces risk of breaking screws . Take extra care with pin pallets. Not worth buying parts for, I got some parts to it.  
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