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Information on my box lot of watch stems

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Hi there, I have inherited this box lot of watch stems, please could anyone be able to decipher the numbers written on the packets please, some I can find using google but I am not sure of the way I need to describe them , thank you...  I am not using this site for selling purposes … just to gather information from anyone who might be able to help...  and also check out my large glass advertising piece … I am from new zealandIMG_20190525_195917393.thumb.jpg.0b5814c38d807aa70fe07b477e73b617.jpgIMG_20190525_195846092.thumb.jpg.d0c3ff261ce9a4a4db923e6649d5ea1b.jpgIMG_20190525_195735787.thumb.jpg.aa7d2e3e07d2599c7fe25dd399bbdfb6.jpgIMG_20190525_195537691.thumb.jpg.f9f2721756c4519793f363f41de03338.jpgIMG_20190525_195515954.thumb.jpg.a3f0ca3d8424aa4da84e4dd4dea09a8e.jpgIMG_20190525_195502918.thumb.jpg.66d65ba06425300fa8369f2df5a8169e.jpgIMG_20190525_195459536.thumb.jpg.b2301bc89615ae88cc4939905e2169e9.jpgIMG_20190525_195453245.thumb.jpg.837ac040032faf4fe89aaad96e4614e4.jpgIMG_20190525_195203650.thumb.jpg.adfa20dd4991af4dd2ea385fdebade62.jpg

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The second picture is balance staffs. they are printed or or noted with a supplier assortment number, a maker and part number, as well sizes.
Be aware that in  99% of the cases these parts are not rare or expensive, so you could as well group them by maker, in a lot of 4 or 5, include all the writings in the description, take a group picture and let the buyer figure if what they need is in there.

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