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Decided to treat myself.

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Up till now I have been using the economy screwdriver set and tweezers that I bought to first get me started. They have served me well but I  got annoyed and frustrated when the tips fell out at the most inconvenient time and tweezers with one side bigger than the other. I’ve not had the chance to use them much except for trying the tweezers, and how much better they feel. So glad I took the plunge.


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The tips still fall out of my bergeon screwdrivers! Absolutely no complaints with the Dumont tweezers though, really good tools. I tried a different brand, to see if the price difference was worth it and I've now spent more money because they have been replaced with the Dumont... :pulling-hair-out:

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I am really happy so far. Those tweezers have made a world of difference that I never expected. I feel a lot more confident as things don’t “ping” quite as often as they did with the old ones. I think I might get into the habit of checking the screwdriver blades for tightness regularly.

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    • Dial looks original. It should be the Yin to the Yang of the one I posted above. As a bonus, the seller claims it actually works, which is a relative rarity for prospective 404 club members. I think I may swap out the steel strap though.
    • If you look carefully at the actual statement its loose pallet stones etc. It's more of a generalization statement. The graphical display comes from the sounds of the escapement. One side of the escapement produces one line the other side the other line. Then there's a problem with timing machines and liquid crystal displays we can see the pixels. So the upper line is migrating relatively straight across the display moving up one pixel at a time but remaining straight. The lower line looks like it's wandering around both going up and down. It really should look more like the upper line. So anything that affects the escapement affects the sounds shows up on the display. As it looks like only one side then it would be typically one side of the escapement. So loose pallet stone possibly even the roller jewel which would affect both could be damaged and I've even seen a loose roller jewel only show up on one side. Escapement lubrication one stone gets lubricated the other does not look like this along with anything that screws up the escapement dirty escapement etc. So cleaning examining and re-lubricating would be a good idea. Then a watch made in the early 70s isn't exactly a vintage watch it really should look a little better.
    • Could the brass coloured washer be a dial washer? The second part... no idea, how thick is it? Can we see some pictures?
    • Look into Omega pushers. They have the same construction as the Breitling . Not sure which model now so you have to do some research.  
    • I received my Ronda 703 movement today, it had a couple of extra parts with it that I have no clue what they are for. The first is a brass coloured washer  - roughly 2mm outside diameter, 1mm inside diameter and curved. The second is brass coloured plate about 5mm x 1.5mm with an open ended hole at each end. Does anyone have an idea what these are for?  
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