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  1. Older Vostoks

    Oh they are indeed. I'm still on the hunt for an anniversary clock too but I'm doing more reading before i start to tackle that. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  2. Older Vostoks

    Here's more too... What a dink i am. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  3. Older Vostoks

    Crap! Sorry guys i thought i loaded them but i guess they didn't load sorry here they are. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  4. Older Vostoks

    Got these older Vostoks yesterday. All not running but had easy problems to fix, luckily for 4 out of 9. One Amphidia and the rest Komandirskies. I love them, they're pretty reliable thus far. I've been having a problem keeping the seconds hand in on a couple. Any tips? Is there a special way to make them stay? Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  5. A Citizen problem

    You were right, if you can see I think it's the fourth wheel top pivot is broken. I knew I had the train right. I'm also quite happy it's a genuine miyota movement. Thanks for the clarification... It's just a refurb'd dial. Thanks for the help. Also, I know it's a topic of Pandora's box but oiling... I'm planning on getting Novostar B and Molykote DX as my starting oils as funds are limited. Do you have a suggestion for a third or fourth that I will most definitely need when servicing MY OWN, not anyone elses. Oh I'm getting a clock oil as well should that cover my bases? I'm feeling like I'm going to need a 9415 or equivalent as well. Any help is appreciated Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  6. A Citizen problem

    Maybe it just needs an oiling? Yeah it is pretty simple idk what I'm doing, the picks seem fine, I'll include pics later, escape wheel doesn't seem to wanna align or move. But I didn't move it or do anything to it. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  7. A Citizen problem

    Ok, first let me preface by saying I am all for property rights, but when said property isn't in my budget I try what I can. And I'm paying for it now. It's supposed to be a Miyota 8200 but I'm doubting that. It's def. A franken Citizen and what happened was the stem came loose when I tried to manual wind it. So I tried fixing it. When I went to remove the bottom plate I want sure if it was just the rotor bridge or if it was the plate. Anyway, I unscrewed it and it went flying across the room. I couldn't find a way to reduce the mainspring tension so I thought it was just the rotor bridge... Wrong! So I think everything is found and it seems correct but I'm unsure. The two brass wheels are the same size and look very similar. I'm not sure if they're in the correct position cuz they flew out too. The problem is the winding wheel next to the barrel. That wheel's inner radius is much too large and was no doubt part of the problem. I can fit the back plate on alright and everything seems correct but it won't run. I checked the barrel and when I use tweezers and move it there's plenty of tension. I'm unsure what the problem is, besides it's a fake piece of crap... Yes I do almost regret the purchase but this is mainly why I bought it because I knew there would be a problem and I wanted to troubleshoot it. I know I should have just gotten a real one but I can't afford one and this was wonderfully cheap and worked for a few weeks. Plus it looks nice and I just like it. Thank you for any help it is appreciated. Should I just buy an 8200 movement and replace what I need in that using this? Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  8. Help

    It was because the train bridge was too tightly screwed down. I unscrewed one of the screws a bit and it started right up. But then it spun out completely so I removed the train bridge to see if any damage was done and got lucky, then I went to replace it and lost both the screws! I'm furious with myself for being so careless. I finally had it too. Can I just buy like one of those sets of screws on the bay? Will it be in there you think? Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  9. Help

    No the pivots are fine, that one is shorter to fit into the train bridge. Everything meshes good, it all runs but it's like the escape wheel isn't properly locking with the pallet fork. When it's out together all the gears run fine, the balance wheel ( it's open heart) spins nicely, the pallet forks move but the escape wheel doesn't seem to want to. It will Rick back and forth in the pallet fork. Is the train bridge on too tight? Or perhaps did something get into it? I've taken it apart and reassembled twice. The only other thing I don't have the oils yet. Is it that much of a difference? It was overoiled. My goal was to be able to properly reassemble then make it a hand wind because it has that and leave the rotor off. Thanks again for any help. If you require more pictures I will try. My camera is very finicky. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  10. Help

    So I have this Chinese movement, it's really nice, horrendously overoiled, partially my fault when I first got interested in watches. Now I took it apart to see why it was acting up. I'm different positions it would either gain a few minutes a day or lose a few minutes so I wanted to get it working nicely again like I had it. I think the escape wheel moved while I was disassembling. I reassembled and it won't move. Any help is appreciated, just want to make sure my assumption is correct before disassembling it again. If it's an easy fix then I'm hoping not to disassemble it because it's a pain. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  11. I have a love affair with slide rule bezels do this is really useful info. Thank you and a really wonderful job. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  12. New Member

    Oh! Many thanks, I figured there had to be a way to work on them. Only swatch would make something like that lol. But it's interesting that my opinion of Timex was always equated with lower quality but now that I look at the older ones I see they had many great timepieces. Do they still make mechanicals? I haven't seen any, but it would be interesting to look at them. I've been looking at many older models and they really had fantastic workhorses and they're extremely affordable, which helps for me. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  13. I never knew

    Yes, I plan to get the Bible in due time. And of course they look simple enough but of course are a pain to work on as it sounds. Should I look to make sure that the leveler is there? I know they need one to make sure the pendulum is hovering above the cup as perfectly as possible or is it alright to use a regular leveler? Not sure if they have a specific level that is more accurate. Of course it seems like you could just eye it but as temperamental as they are in sure a minute amount off can throw the timing off. They are of course already not as accurate but my what memories and nostalgia it will bring. Not to mention a fabulous time piece and ingenuity of engineering. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  14. I never knew

    Whoa, yes thanks for the word of warning. Yes like I said it will be a bit before I do get a clock, I have to get the requisite tools yet. I've looked at a couple Schatz and a Kundo. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  15. Economical watch tools (again)

    Wow! Many thanks I thought I was going to have to spend hundreds to get one but this is extremely affordable! Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk