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  1. Ok, I have no idea what's wrong now. It doesn't want to stay running. I've tried many different things and now I've used 2 springs now. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  2. So after a couple hours tinkering trying to find the right length for the spring, getting it to run for a minute or two then stopping and looking at it again I think I finally realized something. The top part that the the head of the spring fits into is supposed to run parallel with the pallet so it can easily fit into the space and onto the verge isn't it? Because it caused me headache and heartache when my first spring bent and crapped out on me. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  3. Ok gents, I've got the suspension springs. If someone would happen to have the measurements needed because I've been waiting to see this clock going! Thanks for your most valuable help. I've included pics of the old spring and the new one, along with measurements of each. I believe this is correct the round end is the head and the rectangular is the bottom. The previous owner had them reversed. Any help is appreciated thanks! Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  4. Ahhh... I was hoping it was just the suspension spring, but I figured it was a bushing it needs. How can I go about this by hand? Are there hand reamers? Also I was looking at getting a rotary tool then a drill press to do bushings with if that's a possibility? Also I'd be able to polish with the rotary tool and other stuff. It's like an all in one. As I don't have the funds for a bushing system this seemed like a lower cost alternative that I could do more with as well. Is that a viable option? Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  5. So, I bought this used Seth Thomas 1/4 hour strike mantle clock some time ago. It was a little fussy at first but it's been running fine until I moved a bit ago and now it's been fussy again. I of course moved it safely, taking out the pendulum and such. Well it seems to want to stop and always at like X:57 ish when it strikes the hour. Is that a strike train issue? Or the motion works? I cleaned it when I got it because it wouldn't run at all but that wasn't that long ago. I cannot repair bushings yet as I don't have the necessary tools or bushings, but is there something I can do? Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  6. Ok then that settles that. Yeah I thought I saw it titled Horolovar 400 day clock repair so it stands to reason that it's probably the most informative. I was also looking on one of my favorite sites on the net: clockworks.com I'm not sure if you're familiar with it but it has a wonderful clock repair kit with a comprehensive e-book with a repair guide for cuckoo clocks, anniversary clocks, spring driven and weight driven clock repair. Also with that you get an oiler with oil, cleaning solution, visor, level, brass brush, hand/gear puller and a mainspring letdown key all for $69. Seems like a great deal for all that and I'm fairly certain is not all Chinese crap either. I need to get a staking set and anvil, a better hammer, decent screwdrivers, (also unsure as to what the best ones for clock repair are) bushings and the necessary tools to do that work, all at a smaller price point. I don't have the funds to shell out atm for everything I want. Also I'm only in the hobby phase for now. I am, more and more coming to truly enjoy working on clocks and watches and am considering doing this for a source of income. When you can turn a hobby into a job it's a win-win. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  7. Ok so what is the difference between Rabuska's book and Terwillger's? Are the same thing or does one have pictures that the other doesn't? Thanks again! Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  8. It's my own homemade balance tack. Took a prescription pill bottle cap and some odds and ends lying around and voila. You can buy them too but there's something special when you make your own tools. You appreciate them more I find. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  9. Yes, thanks to all. I was able to correctly shape the hairspring back in it's shape. Now though it won't run. I'm guessing I might have put the collet on wrong? Not sure but it doesn't seem to have any issue. End shake is fine, swings nicely when set. The only thing I can think of is I put the collet on wrong. On a side note, what can I buy to make click springs for watches? I want to just make one but i don't know what I'm looking for. Any help there would be wonderful thanks. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  10. Many thanks all! Yes now that I've removed the s/spring you can tell it's wrong as it is parallel with the pallet tail. I got lucky as the mainspring was already unwound. Otherwise I wouldn't have attempted anything. I figure these being 400 day clocks then it stands to reason their mainspring must be 10x or more powerful as any other mainspring. Is it because of the thickness combined with it being in such an enclosed space? I got this because my grandparents had one of these and I remember as a kid just looking at it and really enjoying it. It was an interesting horological piece, yet I didn't know that at the time. I did know it was pretty calming. I cannot wait to get it running again! I'm currently working on cleaning it up. I don't have clock tools per se but I do have my watch tools which will do for now. I notice the plates on these look solid and more think than regular clock plates so it seems like they'll last a while. Thanks again all. With the s/spring should I first try just putting the head in it's proper position? While I await s/springs to come (I found it takes .0023") I'll see for schatz n giggles if it works. Now I'm going to get the horolovar and some say specifically for a schatz or kieninger obergfell, are they different lengths? Or are sellers trying to just marketing them that way so people find them? Well I've gone on quite enough. Thanks to all again! This is the most valuable resource ever, this forum. One last thing. It looks as if the click spring is either wrong or bent because when it was together it was not holding tension on the click do you couldn't wind it. I had to push the spring up to get it to stay wound. Should I just bend it or is it wrong? Please see photos Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  11. I picked up this Kundo on the bay. Got a nice deal on er with the owner. It's a beaut, definitely over-oiled, the suspension spring looks pretty good for its age. She doesn't want to run though. Partially because the click looks on the wrong side, it won't keep the mainspring wound. Needs a polish, it did come with the correct glass. Any idea on the date? It was made in West Germany so I'm guessing around the 70's? It doesn't say the model anywhere though. I really fancy it though and I can't wait to fix it up! Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  12. That looks exact! But the thing that's odd is it has a 2 then a small hole and 17 jewels as if it was a 23 jewel part they put on a 17 jewel movement and had to fix it or something. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  13. Welcome! I'm from Oneida, NY! I've been into repairing now for a little over a year. Though I've been collecting for like 4 or 5. Such an amazing hobby and here there is such a treasure trove of knowledge. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  14. I know, I committed a mortal sin but it looked so easy I was confident in myself to take it apart and put it back together. Unfortunately I was overconfident. Now it did not look like that. I will take her apart and include a picture. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  15. I got these two in an auction. I did pretty well cleaning them up and getting them back running but they're running really fast. Looks like the amplitude on them is way low but I don't have a timing machine so I cannot be sure. I know it's probably a hairspring issue but I cannot be too sure. Any ideas? I appreciate this forum more than anyone can know and want to personally thank everyone because this place is a true treasure trove! There's a 7 jewel AS 1187/94 and an AS 1361N that was automatic but it was a pain in the AS, haha watch humor, plus I prefer hand winding anyway ( though now the morning starts with about 15 mins of winding all my watches. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
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