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  1. Thanks fellas. I’ll get in touch with them after the weekend.
  2. I’ve got a nice old wristwatch that’s been lying waiting for a repair. The movement is a CYMA 162, it’s got a broken balance staff. I did think that at some point I should have ago at trying to replace a balance staff, I have a good staking set. But it seems that maybe this alone may not be enough to accomplish a good job. While browsing for other parts I came across a supplier who has, a balance, complete. That is how they describe it. What would that usually consist of? Just the wheel, hairspring, cock included? I can contact them after the weekend, but for £25 I might save myself some grief and just buy a new one.
  3. That’s great thank you. I’ve bought stuff from John before. I must confess I did look on his website but completely missed those! Thanks to all.
  4. Sure. It’s a Forster 187. Thanks
  5. Hello Joe I will definitely have a look at you post. It’s a Forster 187. These are the only one I have come across so far that are clear, even harder to spot!
  6. I have lost a balance cap jewel stone from a movement, they jump like fleas, never to be seen again! Anyway, I have a few scrappers that I have compared and tried to fit but, no go. I have found an assortment at Cousins, https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/jewel-holes-end-stones. I have never had to find a replacement before and just wondered whether it’s likely that there will be one of the size I need amongst them or can you buy them by size somewhere? I’ve measured the other one and it’s 1.10mm. Thanks
  7. I tried to find an end stone from another old watch. But looking at the jewel itself it has an oil sink, so I’m still not certain it should have an end stone fitted? While I was on I thought I would check and clean the balance jewels. The upper one went ok but the end stone from the lower one has taken flight. Most annoyed! Apart from trying to find another movement, are endstones generic, just different sizes? I’ve measured the upper stone as best as I can and think it’s 1.10mm. Cousins sell an assortment that would last a lifetime. Think I might find one to fit among this? https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/jewel-holes-end-stones Thanks all for any help.
  8. Yes, see what you mean. I’ve found an old movement with similar looking plates and end stones. I will try one in and give it a go. Cheers Dave
  9. I’ve stripped it down to this point and noticed that either the cap jewel is missing or doesn’t have/need one. Can anyone confirm for me either way. This is the wheel that sits in it. What calibre movement is it, in case I need spares. Thanks for any help.
  10. I don’t have a timegrapher, it’s on the list! I had a look and the balance cock appears to be a fixed pin, it’s not adjustable like other ones. I’ll strip it back and check power as I go along.
  11. Well thanks very much. You just need the right gear!
  12. I pulled an old watch out of the drawer recently. I know it was a non runner when I acquired it a few years back and that after I stripped, cleaned, oiled and reassembled it, it did run. After that I just put it away and forgot about it. When I came across it I thought I might like to put a strap on it and wear it. It still runs but is losing about 2-3 minutes a day, and to me the balance doesn’t look to be swinging very enthusiastically. I don’t honestly remember if that’s why I left it in the drawer or not. Think I’ll just take it apart anyway and go through it again. Just wondered if anyone thinks it does look like it’s a bit sluggish, it’s fully wound. @Squiffything What do you think of the pictures? C60A97E1-1813-45A9-9157-9AF9F173F5C6.MOV
  13. Well I had some time on my hands and I managed to make “something” that resembles a crystal. I had a flat glass crystal lying about so with nothing to lose I began messing about. I lay the case on top of the glass and scribed the shape with a scalpel. After that I just kept following the marks with the blade. I was surprised when it eventually broke away along the line. After a good bit of shaping and smoothing with some 320 grit and then finer stuff it fit the hole reasonably well. It would have been perfect but one edge splintered slightly and I can see the chip like marks. I bonded it in with some Hypo cement in case it’s not permanent. The case is a bit bashed up anyway so it’s not like it’s mint condition. And like a fool I tried to polish the case a bit and rubbed right through the chrome in a couple of areas, I forgot it’s not a solid lump like a Seiko! Never mind it looks not too bad when wearing it.
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