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  1. I was getting confused, not unusual. Borel have you put # in the number too. Nothing's straightforward
  2. Well thanks, that’s most helpful. I must be doing something wrong, I tried several times. Did you put the # sign in as they say or just 4-S96567? I’ll try it myself later and see if I can do it. Thanks again
  3. Hi I am not having any luck trying to find out about this. Cousins turns up a blank when I input the calibre etc, as does Borel. I was hoping to find if a new crystal and gasket were available. Also just checking, is the crystal held in by a screw down ring and are they usually very tight. I’ve not tried to loosen it yet but if that’s how they are held I will need to improvise some sort of tool. The numbers on the caseback are 5518-S96567. Many thanks for any suggestions.
  4. I have been digging around and came across this. Someone has posted pictures of a strip down , 393-7800 looks like it is the one I am after, the black one in the picture is the crystal gasket for the the bezel. I hope it's ok to post links to other sites like this, apologies if I'm in the wrong. Anyone speak Dutch? https://www.horlogeforum.nl/t/na-citizen-bn0000-04h-monocoque/218804
  5. Thats great info thanks! Could I ask how you found those parts and numbers? I have tried inputting all the numbers from the case back into Cousins Citizen case parts search and it came back with no results. I only managed to find the stem and crown because I had a Citizen tech sheet with part numbers Interesting that the crown I found from Cousins had a different part number. Just to be sure before I order one, the bezel gasket 393-7800 is for the crystal retainer and not the rotating bezel? (if there is one) Thanks again
  6. I have come to a dead end while putting this watch together. I am missing whatever kind of seal it is that holds the crystal retaining bezel into the case. The watch was partly dismantled when I acquired it and some bits were missing. I have included some pictures which are easier to understand. This is the watch. The bezel with crystal. This is where it sits in the case. Not sure but I guess the seal or whatever sits in this groove. I don't know whether it might be a thin O' ring or a plastic shim. There is only about .5 mm for it to squeeze in. I won
  7. Just to satisfy your curiosity, here’s a picture of the new crown. The one I showed has snapped off flush. Going to try the vinegar on the old one, cheaper than buying a lathe Thanks again for all the replies.
  8. I'll give that a go, nothing to lose. Thanks
  9. Thanks all for the suggestions. I think the bit that sticks out is actually part of the crown. I have heated it with the tip of a soldering iron and soaked it in acetone, there is not much to get a purchase on. When the new crown and stem arrive I can compare them, I'll post a picture of the new parts. A new crown was only 4 quid to be honest, so not really worth the faff of getting the broken bit out I suppose, but it would still be satisfying. I think fine drills would be the way to go.
  10. Hi folks I've not been on in a while but, got fed up with hoovering and cleaning everything in sight so I decided to find something to fill my time in while we wait to get our lives back. I bought this Citizen Eco-Drive, it was partly dismantled but seems to be ok. It was missing the stem and crown, hopefully the ones I have ordered from Cousins should be correct, fingers crossed. I have a crown from another with similar case but the stem is snapped off. Am I overly optimistic or is there any chance of ever getting the broken piece out of the crown, it has broken off flush? Many th
  11. Erm, no. Thought I’d give it a miss He seems to be doing ok though.
  12. I came across this listing on the bay. I thought it was a refreshing change. I do hope it does not contravene any forum rules. Apologies if it does, please remove it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/small-job-lot-of-old-vintage-Swiss-British-USSR-watches-SPARES-OR-REPAIR/153516855117?_trkparms=aid%3D1110001%26algo%3DSPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20131231084308%26meid%3Dc1cc81af15b14489bd20d2228a01c322%26pid%3D100010%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D133082790277%26itm%3D153516855117&_trksid=p2047675.c100010.m2109
  13. That is genius Joe, I like that! Course, the next question is, will I be able to find a jewel like that with a big enough hole in or would I need a modified one?
  14. Thanks, I’ll have another go. Need to have a break from it as it has become a bit obsessive trying to get to the bottom of it. Added to which I have managed to break off the top pivot of the seconds pinion, so annoying. Lucky I have the luxury of the spare. At the moment I am at this stage. I have polished up the arbor for the seconds hand in case it was a bit sticky in the tube. I have fitted the centre wheel, seconds arbor and the wheel that drives its pinion. With the bridge on it all spins freely. I have put the second hand back on and tried pushing it round with a thin bristle from a pain
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