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  1. To fit the glass back in, do I need to remove the rotating bezel, put the plastic ring on the glass and then push the bezel on top of the glass? Some videos of watches with rotating bezels have the bezel installed and then the glass is pressed in after. I'm not sure which method applies?
  2. I was trying to release the pressure slowly, obviously not slow enough....
  3. During a wet test of a homage submariner the glass blew out as I released the pressure (3atm using a Bergeon lever style tester). Not seen this before, can someone explain why it happened?
  4. If anyone else reads this asking the same question my solution was to grip it with a set of water pump pliers.
  5. Something must be holding it because it won’t twist off. I think acetone will ruin the rubber inside the crown.
  6. What’s the best way to remove a crown from a stem? i have it in a pin vice but can’t break the seal of the loctite/glue when twisting it.
  7. Just to add these are the Elastor type spring
  8. Bumping this thread... Does anyone know where i can get 3-3 KIF springs? Cousins said they'd have stock in July, then August and now September. I doubt they'll have them then either. Boley have them but i don't have an account. https://www.boley.de/en/shop/4801.kif-elastor/22433.st-spring Where do you guys in the US purchase these from? i checked Ofrei, Star time and Jules Borrel couldn't see them listed on their web pages..
  9. Not 100% sure what you’re referring to but the timegrapher test period is set to 12s. Thanks
  10. I serviced this Asian 7750 movement in the video below. I’m seeing some large fluctuations in amplitude on the timegrapher, largest swing is around 300 - 250 then back up to around 280 and then to 300. I found this on the witschi site Im seeing some variables in rate on the timegrapher but measuring the time against a digital clock dial up its +2 seconds max over 24hr. The pattern is like a sine wave but not so extreme. Heres the video. It’s best to speed it up by 1.5x I think. As the camera changes angle that’s 15 hours later. Any help understanding thi
  11. I need 3-3 kif springs, Cousins are my usual go to for these but they’re sold out until July. Does anyone know anywhere else in the UK that stocks them? Thanks
  12. looks like I'm cleaning it again....
  13. I hope it was a glitch in the system and not actually reported
  14. wow forget youtube you have amazing eyes. 3 teeth broken! How the hell does that happen. Barrel was cleaned by hand, I wonder if the fourth wheel will have damage as well.
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