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  1. Reading through a service sheet for the Rolex Daytona and the movement has a 'regulation nut' under the balance bridge. You can adjust this to get the correct endshake. How is this measured? Is a special tool used?
  2. Thank you for your help. It gave me the confidence to try it. This was literally the easiest date wheel to remove, i just slide the notch by the number 4 as you suggested and it popped out, pulled it out again to drop it back in. I'm wondering when i'll have the confidence to just do this myself without asking....
  3. This is the first movement ive had where there are no drawings available and no tutorials on youtube. I want to switch the date wheel for a white one. Due to the fact the chance of spares for this are slim to non, i just want to check with you guys how you think i should remove it? The spring inside the red circle is under a lot of tension.
  4. It didn't come with one. Got anything helpful to post here?
  5. Sorry it's me, why does it say 65 under beat error and the lift angle?
  6. Can i trust the readings for rate/amp/beat on this timegrapher considering the +/- figures are all over the place? Is there anyway to resolve this? Timegrapher was bought in 2016.
  7. I took a picture of everything before I removing, so pretty sure it has gone back in as it should. I was thinking maybe you're supposed to slide them around from one of the groves in the ring or something.
  8. Yeah I took them out yesterday, came out super easy but as these things usually go, theyre a nightmare to put back in. I'm sure there must be a certain way to achieve this and once you know it's easy
  9. I've started playing around with complete watches instead of just movements, so i can learn more about setting hands and how everything is held together. Ive nearly finished putting this watch back together but i can't get the second movement tab back in. Can anyone take the time to explain to me how to get the second clamp back in (2 o'clock position)? The movement ring is so tight i can't fit it in the gap.
  10. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I uploaded a video. Probably the best way for me to show the pattern. What are your thoughts? Taking more notice of the pattern rather than the figures for beat error it doesnt look quite right. I've checked all the parts when I took it apart, there isnt any damage to the escapement. Any ideas how to trace the fault and rectify it? I will download the manual now thanks.
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