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  1. looks like I'm cleaning it again....
  2. I hope it was a glitch in the system and not actually reported
  3. wow forget youtube you have amazing eyes. 3 teeth broken! How the hell does that happen. Barrel was cleaned by hand, I wonder if the fourth wheel will have damage as well.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I made another video turning the barrel a full turn, seems to get stuck at one point. so either the fourth wheel or barrel damaged? On another note I just got an email from youtube saying my first video has been reported and they've chosen to remove it, that's disappointing. No idea what rule I broke.
  5. I serviced this ETA 2824, everything looked great on the timegrapher - 315 amp dial up 0 beat error 310 amp dial down 0 beat error 295 amp crown down 0.1 beat error I left it running for around five hours, came back to it and it had stopped dead. Gave it a little shake and no sign of life, so did the following checks Double checked the hand clearance to each other and the glass all looked fine. Checked the mainspring still had tension by letting the power down a little and it did. Gave the balance a little nudge, moves feely Removed the balance, checked the pallet fork moves side to side, it doesn't. Removed pallet fork to check escape wheel and train, some movement and other times jammed up. Tried winding the crown with ratchet wheel still installed, no movement of gear triain. I took 2 videos, one with the barrel in and one out. I'm really confused how it can be running absolutely perfectly and then just crap out?? What do you guys think? Issue in the gear train? Wheel needs replacing? Operator error ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JdLAHEtZ5c Barrel removed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CqARrH0Pv0
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately the first cloth is not available in the UK and the second one HSL posted is £86 for the box instead of $40
  7. Does anyone know of a cloth that is truly lint free? ive bought 3 different types now - recommend stuff on amazon 5* (probably all paid reviews) to Selvyt and they all leave lint on the surface when cleaning a watch glass, which is completely counterproductive. The glass should be spotless under a 5x loupe. im using a steam cleaner, lens pen and then Bergeon 7007-26 to remove the last remaining particles. If I could get a cloth that was truly lint free that could clean smears and didn’t leave crap all over the glass it would be a massive win..
  8. I really like this set, it has worked perfectly for me a few times. What I don’t like is I overpaid a lot for it! The seller has dropped his price quite a lot. I don’t know why now, I was watching this item for a while and the price fluctuated maybe 5 or 10 pounds during that time. (also the listed price now is not the cheapest it’s been either!)
  9. Thanks John so you just turn those dies with your hand or can they fit a handle like the dies for Rolex?
  10. Which tool would you recommend to remove this caseback? Thanks
  11. Thanks a lot, I’ll save my money for the time being and hold off on the stand. Hopefully I’ll update here in a few days with a nicely polished part
  12. I do actually have a Dremel. It’s a rechargeable one. https://www.dremeleurope.com/gb/en/dremel®micro-898-ocs-p/ I guess I need a bracket to mount it to a desk and something to hold the hard felt wheel. Hopefully Dremel make both of these attachments.
  13. Not really sure where to begin with selecting this type of tool but I guess my first question should be is this the type of tool required? https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/cousins-polishing-motor
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