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  1. Lwo283 service

    Stuart, I think I've reached a point where I'm just going to have to remove them and find out. I was kind of reluctant to do this without knowing for sure. I thought the two tabs at 6 and 12 were for holding the movement in place, I've not seen an ETA movement where they use a screw as well, however I have very limited exposure as I'm just starting out. I will remove them and report back.
  2. Lwo283 service

    Yes that's correct, movement is still in place. I haven't placed any pressure on the movement. I don't want to put pressure on the movement to push out the crystal. I need a tool to remove sapphire crystals from the outside.
  3. Lwo283 service

    If I have understood your explanation correctly I don't think I can do this because the movement is still in the watch, so I can't place a dye on the inside of the crystal.
  4. Lwo283 service

    Hi Stuart, thank you for your detailed reply. I've just checked to specs for the watch (Philip sea lion) and it has a sapphire crystal. Would that require a different type of puller?
  5. Lwo283 service

    Is this the tool i need? https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/round-glasses Thanks
  6. Lwo283 service

    Can it be done without these. The case/crystal is going in the bin
  7. Lwo283 service

    Thanks for that. I've got the bezel off, I can't seem to get the crystal out though. Should it twist out or do I need to prize it out?
  8. Lwo283 service

    Truth-I have no idea. But I wouldn't have thought so
  9. Lwo283 service

    Hi guys, I found a LWO283 on eBay for a very good price, so I thought I'd pick it up and try and service it. For those that don't know this movement is an ETA 2892 with a Dubois Depraz chrono module. I've serviced a 2892 before so interested in having a go at the module. Anyway, slight problem I'm not sure how you remove it from the case. At 6 and 12 I have turned the two tabs so it's no longer latched in. Taken the stem out. And it's not moving, I don't want to try random screws and remove it. I need to be confident on how it actually comes out. Any ideas?
  10. demagnetizer opinions

    Thanks for the advice. I did see this one on eBay before. However I skipped past it, thought it looked a bit ropey. Good to know it can do the job, I will take a good look at it. Funny how we can be drawn to things by the way they look...
  11. demagnetizer opinions

    Hi Marc looks like you're right, the Etic one looks identical to the one on ebay for £7... https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/etic-swiss http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Watch-Repair-Screwdriver-Tweezers-Electrical-Demagnetizer-Tools-US-Plug-ZY-/142161211095?hash=item211977eed7:g:DXsAAOSwo4pYEJh0 Looks like the only thing missing is the sticker.
  12. Hi guys, I was just wondering if you could give me your opinion on which demagnetizer to go for. I am a hobbyist and i just service my own watches and any other movements i come across. The options are all from cousins website and range from £2 to £160. The cousins cube is £2 will this do the job? I guess you just slide the parts through it and job done? Etic swiss is £30 and is mains powered. Greiner and Elma also do demagnetizers around the £160 mark. So, id really like your opinions, can i do this on the cheap at £2 or is it going to be wise to spend a little more?
  13. Hi, my friend just dropped round with a pocket watch he wants me to take a look at it. At first I thought he meant it just needed a service, but it is in pretty bad shape so I thought I'd ask here for some advice on how to approach this. Can anybody identify the model from the pictures? I've looked online and I can see similar watches but not this one. It seems to be some sort of Dennison. I googled the markings A.L.D 267080. Movement says Swiss made 17 jewels and doesn't look too different to a 6497. Will parts be available for this? Its missing a crystal, minute hand and at first glance you can see the hairspring is damaged The watch has been passed down through the family. It says on the back 'from mother on his wedding morning August 4th 1924' . It now belongs to his mother who is not too well and would like to get it working to give back to her. So before I take it apart, I'd just like some advice on how to approach this. Thanks guys
  14. Ultrasonic cleaner

    Would you say it reduces the effectiveness of the cleaning process? If so, I guess you have to weigh up the cost of cleaner and quality of the clean
  15. Ultrasonic cleaner

    Thanks Geoff very interesting. I shall definitely save my money [emoji1303]. I was just wondering (this might sound stupid) but if you place your beaker of cleaning fluid with your parts inside the ultrasonic cleaner how do the waves create agitation inside the beaker/jar? Maybe I'm missing something here...