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  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I uploaded a video. Probably the best way for me to show the pattern. What are your thoughts? Taking more notice of the pattern rather than the figures for beat error it doesnt look quite right. I've checked all the parts when I took it apart, there isnt any damage to the escapement. Any ideas how to trace the fault and rectify it? I will download the manual now thanks.
  2. Sounds terrifying haha I'll wait to see if the others can help out then, thanks for the advice.
  3. I'm wanting to regulate this movement. Usually I'd start with the beat corrector and when that's 0 or 0.1 max I'd move onto playing around with the rate in a few positions. However I've been stopped in my tracks because the beat error here is 0.5 and there is no more adjustment left. Just wondering what my next move should be?
  4. Yes, slight exaggeration. They don't completely fall out but can become very loose
  5. One thing that i really can't get on with (apart from the price) is this guy keeps himself completely anonymous. Why can't he reveal himself?
  6. Thanks for the advice. What grit paper would you use for this method?
  7. had a clumsy moment this afternoon and dropped my tweezers they landed tip first into my desk. As you can see from the picture the end is bent. How to i get them back into working order. Does anyone have a good tutorial or advice?
  8. He had a discount running during the pre sale, i think it was 3 courses 2824,2892 and 7750 for $600. The 7750 course will be released shortly (apparently).
  9. i Just need some help with my shock spring selection. I have found the part required for the balance i need Elastor 3.3 1.75 For the escape wheel it would be 3. 1.50 Here is a KIF chart ive made this selection from (on the left)same as J kindly posted above. So when on the Cousins website you get minimal infomation. Would you select the same as me based on the info i have found? https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/kif-shock-springs When looking at the 3-2 for the escapement it says next to it (=3-8). Can anyone explain this, does this affect my selection?
  10. Overa Overall it's quite amazing what they have produced here but as you said previously the parts are poor quality and that hasn't changed with this movement.
  11. I know I said that above. This is the only copy of of an In house chronograph movement where every part is interchangeable with genuine Rolex parts. Even the 7750 copy isn't completely interchangeable. Which leads me into thinking the kif springs could work These are the only movements I can afford to work on, so have had to learn about them. Will try the springs mentioned and post here so can be referenced in the future
  12. This one could be different as their objective was to create a movement as close to the original as possible. I will take my time. It would just be nice to have some spares if available
  13. Thanks for the advice J. Looking back I can't believe how easily I installed it first time and then once I realised I hadn't pushed it in properly I just pushed it forward with my tweezers, no drama. Now after 90 minutes I've got to leave it until I can focus properly again. Do you know the size of the KIF? The inevitable will happen at some point...
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