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As part of my ongoing learning curve I am interested in finding out a bit more about the history of this clock. ( I hope the markings on the dial between the numbers are not Chinese characters!)

The movement winds and runs but the hands seem to be loose and have a mind of their own.  All in all a pretty clock (in my opinion)! 








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Hi First impressions are its by A le Coultre  serial No91151  pocket watch in an enamelled case, looks intersting, 17 Jeweled lever movement , Had a good root round the net not found much on A Le Coultre plenty on Jeager-LeCoultre (Atmos Clock)

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There seems to be conflicting "information" when searching the net regarding when Le Coultre became Jaeger Le Coultre, and thus finding the latest date for my clock. There also seems to be no relevant info on Le Coultre and Sandoz, hence my posting on here.

I think it has always been a desk clock and not a framed pocket watch?

The overall size is 2 3/4 inches square.

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Your clock appears to be a desk clock of the strut variety, it should have a fold out strut at the back for standing the clock up on a desk, A.lecoultre merged with Edmond Jaeger in 1937 becoming Jaeger lecoultre there after, although in some markets they still marketed clocks and watches under the Lecoultre name alone mostly in American markets.

Sandoz used various other names for watch production Tavannes, Cyma, being the best known, the link with lecoultre is that Sandoz supplied Calibres to other companys including Lecoultre, the first two years of production of Lecoultres most famous watch the Reverso used a Tavannes movement.

I would say that your clock would be from around the 1920's.

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