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  1. Howzit Vic , I was wondering if you can answer this question . In the tech manual for the 218 it says to rotate the pawl and index finger away from the index wheel to to remove or reassemble the train bridge . Does that mean rotate the collet that the fingers are mounted on using the collect screwdriver that is mentioned as an Accutron tool ? Page 36 doesn't have a step 5 , It just says to rotate the pawl finger counterclockwise....so what am I rotating ? Thanks for any info from you or any other member with this knowledge .....Louis
  2. Howzit Vic , Thanks for the post and Info . Yes I have that link and a few more I am adding to a new Accutron folder . You are so right , they are a tad Testy....Definite;y a different animal...
  3. Howzit Ramrod , You belong to SCWF also don't you ? Yup , I guess I got intrigued by the Accutrons when I noticed how many were for sale not working and still holding a value . Then I got the Deep Sea diver and was challenged to get it running . Than I saw the Accutron Astronaut and Spaceview and was hooked . I'm a goner....
  4. Hi All , I seem to have Accutron Fever lately . I never was really interested in them before , and in the last month and a half I have acquired 5 of them . Today the postman brought me this 10K rolled gold and plated beauty . It has been really well taken care of . It's from 1973... N3 Yesterday , Sunday , I went to an All Collectors show in Honolulu and picked up this minty Spaceview on the $1 table...I picked up 3 watches for $1 each . I think that the vendor didn't know what he had with this Spaceview . I put a new Accucell battery and it's running great . It's from 1961... M1
  5. Aloha all ,..... It was a bit humid here in town today and I wore an accutron that I received recently , and after an hour or two I noticed a small fog of moisture under the crystal . I opened the watch to quickly let it dry out , and replaced the case back I was wondering if there is any way to prevent this from happening . Possibly silicone grease on the case back gasket like a dive watch ?? Any Info or tips are appreciated....Thanks , Louis
  6. Hello, Nice collection. I like Breitlings myself and wear one everyday. I have also recently picked up an Accutron 218 that has also became one of my favorites.
  7. My son arrived from LA with a few packages for me that I have been busy accumulating on the Bay. I find that the watches and parts are really good value and often the sellers accept a quite low best offer price so I now have the following stuff in a queue for attention (except for the Omega watch which is now on my wrist). I managed to pick up this Omega movement: And I have got this case in the UK which I believe to be compatible, at least the sizes match and the ages of both the case and movement are about right as well so I am hopeful. The movement is working but the hands will need a re lume and the movement a full service. There is some rust to attend to but I have a new stem arriving from Argentina (got 5 for £8.50 postage inc.) and the case spring and bumper springs are not too bad when you get a proper look at them. Even the dial is in better condition than it looks in the photo. I also got a couple of Helbros watches one of which is in really good condition and comes with original box and papers but the lens needs replacement or polishing the other Helbros is not so good as the case is chromed and worn but the movement is working and the dial is good but I got it for a total of £12.00 and it has a brand new Speidel expandable bracelet on it so I probably will break even on it with a bit work and I have some spare cases that may fit. I got the Accutron coil for a song but it is a bit of a punt - have not tested it yet but fingers crossed. On a whim I got this GP movement that will go in my box for repairs as it needs some bits so I will keep a look out. Finally a treat from my wife, Fully serviced and working like a charm and I am well pleased with it. Now what can i get to bring back with me when I go to LA next year --- Hmmmm. Cheers, Vic
  8. " Now now, Louis - enough of this. We don't want Geo getting excited at his advanced age..." You're right Will , those motorcycles will do that to a guy . By the Way , I picked up a clean Bulova Accutron 2182 at auction this morning . Here's a couple of pics from my former backyard...
  9. No gasket , just seems to be pressed in . I was able to download a tech manual . Accutron 218 service manual #1.pdf
  10. Well ,... " No Guts , No Glory ".......Can always come back and bite you . But in the case of removing my crystal , that I felt was glass , I popped it out with a holder and a nylon case press die . To my surprise it's acrylic with a tension ring....quite beefy for this diver . The best part of all that is the crystal has no scratches . Just a very itsy-bitsy bit of haze that will polish out quite nicely . Poly-glass would even do it but I use a diamond paste in oil compound . Another plus is that the internal rotating bezel is made of brass with all of the gear teeth intact ,...the same for the gear the turns it . So the case parts are going into my ultra-sonic for a spa treatment and now I can concentrate on the movement . I've ordered the battery for this accutron which originally called for a 218 battery , but has now been replaced by a 344 battery . I will be looking at a couple of donor watches at about 4:30 AM my time . I love progress..
  11. looks like this is one of the Microloupes that were used to reset Pawl fingers on Accutron Index wheels, always wondered what they looked like. Quite a compact unit: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221785557875?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Looks like it may be useful on any watch really if you have not got a scope already. Just thought it may be of interest. Cheers, Vic
  12. There are loads of tips in the book, it was his instruction about removing the crown part of a two part stem on a roamer that made me man up and pull harder than I would have done normally and guess what, it worked. He even has some pages on the Bulova Accutron. The book may be old but so are most of the watches we work on so it is still valid. Cheers, Vic
  13. Hi Douglas, Welcome to the forum! That's a nice -- and interesting -- Accutron! I'm sure you'll find a wealth of knowledge here and hope you'll enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the forum. I, too, have been "self taught" if online classes can be counted: which leads me to one question: Are the AWCC classes you refer to, available on line? In any case, enjoy our forum and share your experiences. We definitely are looking forward to that...and please, don't hesitate to ask questions, we always have someone that "has been there and done that", ready to help! Cheers, Bob
  14. I've been looking at Russian watches on e-bay and the vast majority have this case back design you mention, Previously i had only seen it on bulova accutron tuning fork watches. I agree it's a great design, I wonder if watch manufacturers tested this at length and found it to be worse for water resistance despite the obvious theoretical advantages, or if it was an intellectual property issue, or if it just didn't 'catch on' If anyone knows the term for these case backs let me know.
  15. :P to you too Geo :D Actually I have absolutely nothing against these or any other of the transitional technologies between mechanical and quartz (nothing against quartz either), it's just that I have very little experience of them; and that is a very nice watch Yogi. I do have a non-working Accutron sat in my projects box waiting for me to pluck up the courage to have a go but I need to source a replacement component coil first, I got as far as testing that with a meter. I also need to work out how I can test the functionality of the rest of the electronics without having to fork out a mint on new tools that will only get used once in a blue moon. I do have an old oscilloscope (CRO) and was wondering if that could be of any use in diagnosing problems in watch electronics so if anyone can shed any light I am all ears.
  16. Hi Geo, thanks for that, I think that you have hit the problem on the head there. I was hoping to be able to salvage the Bulova crown as it has the distinctive Accutron logo. The best course of action will be to get it done professionally. I don't mind having a go at anything but its early days for me and this watch is a definite keeper.
  17. Great find Vic. The Accutron is super and yes, the lighter reminds me of my Dad too! Hope everything come out OK at the hospital and praying for a quick recovery! Cheers, Bob
  18. Hello Chaps, Hello Chaps, Its a bit like the boy that cried wolf as I am always joking about it but I go to hospital for the op at 1.30. Unfortunately they dont recharge or replace batteries, the whole unit has to come out (except for the wires hopefully) and it gets replaced with a new one. It should be in and out the same day - I may not be doing much until it heals and the stitches come out. Unfortunately I did not manage to make time to put the carriage clock together but that will be manageable. I will get more info on the compact Will and advise you, as I did actually win the whole lot for £60.00. Not that keen on Rotary watches after seeing inside a few of the more modern ones, however, it does not look like quartz at least its not shown on the face and it may be ok, the advert says Circa 2002. I will have the backs off and see what they are like when I get them. I am quite excited about the Accutron. Cheers, Vic
  19. 60! Then I don't feel so bad when I look at my collection and think to myself "Joe, how in the world can you justify having THIS many watches!" I have about 27 wearable, and another 5 or 6 that are in pieces. I'd like to see the tech sheet on the F300hz. The service for these is kinda expensive. I had mine done at a place near Chinatown here in NYC and the guy (Ernie) was wearing a spaceview accutron from the 60's and I knew he was experienced with these type movements. Omega-Bulova coil-driven works are considered the high end of the tuning forks. Put the tech sheet on the F300hz up when you get a chance. J
  20. I want to get a Precisionist or maybe an accutron II--I do like this watch. And what a write up--Oh My! JC
  21. Dear Al, I have a microset unit and have spoken to Bryan many times. This unit is okay and may work very well for clocks. I used it for many years maybe 6-7 but found it lacking for watches. I currently use a Watch Timing Machine Multifunction Timegrapher 1000 and an very happy with it, but again I work on watches not clocks I did buy the same expensive clamp you did and just had it upgraded 8 months ago. I still prefer the timegrapher when doing watch work. At this point the microset sits on the shelf. That being said I think the microset unit can be used for hairspring work which may be helpful in the future if and when I ever start making my own hairsprings. One other point Bryan makes an accutron adaptor that is very nice. I don’t work on accutrons anymore but when I did it was very useful. Hope this summery helps. Sincerely, Jim
  22. A while ago I posted that I had trouble with my Accutron bought in May, the "electroplated" gold on the sides of the watch had worn off leaving it in a poor state and the crown was similarly affected. With no real expectations I contacted the seller who expressed surprise and asked to see the watch. In my message to him I advised that I did not think the case had ever been electroplated properly and I thought it was poorly brush plated. Now, I got the best surprise as he mailed me back and said he could not disagree with me. He had not realised originally and had been taken in by its original fine appearance, as was I.He then sourced a new properly plated Bulova case and crown and sent photos to me asking if it was acceptable and it certainly was. I have it back now looking good and humming away nicely. Just thought I would post a true and positive story about an ebay seller. Cheers, Vic
  23. Hello Lee, the oils are a much discussed subject on the forum and if you trace through you will find a wealth of info. However, you will also find differing opinions and suggestions for alternatives. I have bemoaned the fact that it costs more than gold for Moebius oil. I think that Mark the forum leader and a pro as you will know if you have watched his Vids, would recommend the exact three oils you mention and he may suggest that you could use Molycote DX as a grease. He may also advise that if it is a quality watch you should as far as possible find out the recommended oils for the movement. For instance I downloaded the PDF for an Accutron 2181 and it told me exactly what oils to use. The PDF's are often obtainable from Cousins UK and other suppliers as well and from traces on the internet. After that I was given a Chinese Rolex that had ceased working I had avoided looking at full mechanicals up to then and I used that as my first complete dissassembly, clean, and re-assembly and to my amazement I got it working. However, if you are going to start off with a teardown, try a really cheap movement, perhaps one from ebay without a day and date display for instance, then clean all the parts and put them back together, in my opinion it would a waste of Moebius oil and I would start off experiments using one the cheap watch oils available for a few quid being very carefull not to drown anything - you will get the idea from Marks Vids. One of the great things on this forum is that if you get stuck, lots of folk will rally round to help. I am by no sense of the word an expert and I would call myself a hobbyist that is willing to have a go, but I would be rather scared of pulling my Glycine Airman apart in fact it will never happen. I am sure some of the other lads will kick in and offer some advice on oils etc. as well. For the record the Moebius I have are :- D5,8300 grease, 8030, Quartz oil, 941, 9020, 9010, most of which are connected with my Accutrons but useful elsewhere as well but I will also admit to having D&L Watch oil 9551 and some silicone grease that I use when playing with scrap movements. I use the Cheap Bergeon Oilers. As for your question about the drivers, I bought Bergeon ones but not a full set, I found that I get away with just four and I bought the ones that come with replacement blades. The AF ones may be as good, I don't honestly know. Really its a matter of choice but I started out with really cheap ones but found I was continually having to get the oilstone out. Cheers, Vic
  24. Just a few observations and please pardon me if its stuff you already know. I have a few Accucell-1 batteries and when I started messing around with Accutrons the main thing I had my attention drawn to was the battery choices and Voltage which is 1.35 as opposed to the Renata 387 which is 1.55. There is a handy table on another site: Model Mercury type Silver Oxide type 214 387 387S, 394**, SR936SW** Accucell 1 218 343 344, 350. SR1136SW Accucell 1 219 343 344, 350, SR1136SW Accucell 1 2210 388 329, SR731SW*** Accucell 2 230 343 344, 350. SR1136SW Accucell 1 224 343 344, SR1136SW Accucell 1 ESA 9162/4 343 344, 350, SR1136SW ESA 9210 343 344, 350, SR1136SW Omega 1220 343 344, SR1136SW Omega 1300 313 357, SR44 Omega 1301, 1302 343 344, 350, SR1136SW ***Not a perfect fit, but there is no direct equivalent to the 388. ** These are not supplied with the little plastic spacer. Re-use the spacer from your old 387 mercury cell. You note that for the 218 they advocate use of Accucell and also the 344/SR1136S but the main difference between the batteries is the Voltage ie 1.35 as opposed to 1.55. The use of either battery on a 218 is possible (if not recommended) but if the watch is normally phased for 1.35 and if you then use a 1.55 then it can lead to double indexing on the index wheel. Some repairers re-phase the 218 to use standard Renata 1.55 cells. I suppose what I am saying is replace like for like as if it has been re phased and you put an accucell in then it could lead to a problem. I have a few movements that are humming nicely but even though they are only movements without cases I always check them out with an accucell. The 214 has a similar sort of choice, if you buy a Renata, the 387 is shown on the package and it has the black plastic spacer disk on it but the positive side of the battery shows the number 394 and it is 1.55v. I have just returned my Accutron (bought in May) to the dealer I bought it off because gold on the case and crown was literally rubbing off. It looked great when I got it but it had obviously been brush plated to give it a thin gold coat. Give the guy his due and the benefit of the doubt he appeared quite surprised when he wrote back to me after inspecting it and agreed that it was not acceptable. He offered to source a replacement case which he sent pictures of and I have accepted. It makes a nice change to get customer service - I had expected a bit of a struggle. Anyway its nice to see the hummers getting a bit of attention. Lee put me on to the Stereo Microscope which has made a great difference for examination of the index wheels. They are not easy watches but definitely have less bits inside that the Mechanical ones :D Cheers, Vic
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