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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I was born in Peru, but I moved to Mexico to marry my girlfriend. We have been married for 6 months and I started with watches because I always liked them and I couldn’t find a job here. I came up with the idea of bringing lots of second-hand watches from eBay, seeing that there are many watch enthusiasts here. Now my watch shop only has a Facebook account, but I hope to have better things in the future. I joined the group because I live in a small town (Apatzingán, Michoacán), where there is no watchmaker, a good one that you can trust. The first thing my brother-in-law told me when I told him about the project, is that I have to learn everything on my own, because all the watches he has had, have been damaged by the watchmakers here. There is none that is reliable. So, I have many watches, mostly fashion brands, that need to be polished, have their batteries changed and glasses polished. I hope for your help and collaboration.
  2. Greetings all! I've been a lover of mechanical watches for several years and finally took the dive into tinkering. Started last week disassembling/reassembling a 7S26. Only lost one pivot jewel and the yawl lever clip! Absolutely loving it and ordered two pocket watches for restoration. What could go wrong?
  3. Hello good people: I'm new at this stuff and I want to learn just enough to be dangerous! That way I can keep the real professionals busy!
  4. This evenings victim is a Seiko from December of 1970. The only issue other than being a daily wear for some mod rocker back in the day is the crown has no click. Winding, time and date changes as normal but something is amiss in the keyless work. My fabulous-ly inexpensive tool for unscrewing casebacks will not shrink small enough to capture the grooves so a moments thought and some rearranging of the bits allows us to get started. Checking the inside of the back for service marks shows no entry, screw heads seem undisturbed by other rookies such as myself and of course I have forgotten to set the time to allow easy removal of the hands. Reinserting the crown and stem and using hand pullers with plastic bag leaves the dial in pretty good shape even with my clumsy handling. Of course you folks see it although I didn't: the adapter ring is still around the movement barring access to the dial feet screws. Looking around we see two screws at the tip of the tweezers that look like they will do the job. Sure enough the ring drops away and the foot screws can be loosened on either side of of the dial. Removing the dial while looking for a washer underneath we see the broken spring end laying on the date wheel. Of course all this manipulation without a movement holder will probably cause more trouble later. But at least without the dial getting squished we now secure this tiny movement a little more properly. Removing the weight reveals the winding mechanism. Depressing button just above the crown allows stem to be replaced, then held while holding the click just below the stem to take the small residual power away after all this abuse. Amplitude seems quite minimal but not unexpected since I've probably squished things pretty good a few times up to this point. Feeling pretty intimidated at this point, put everything away until tomorrow night. See you then!
  5. Hi everyone, hoping I might be able to get some advice on re-assembling my watch movement. Working on a Bfg-866 movement from an older watch I got as something to practice and attempt to fix. I disassembled it and managed to get the arbour back in it's rightful place in the mainspring, which fixed the winding issue I had had with it. However, on putting the movement back together I got the train wheels all in place and made sure they could all move smoothly after fitting the wheel bridge back into place, however when I try to test wind it without the crown it would wind up and add tension, but nothing would move and the spring wouldn't unwind. I don't have the pallet fork or anything else in while testing this, and double checking everything seems to move smoothly, and the mainspring wheel had a tiny bit of play side to side, seeming to imply it isn't caught on anything either. Am I missing an obvious issue here? Feel so close to having it working and any advice to get it going is much appreciated (Apologies for any part naming mistakes, still pretty new here. If I can get this watch to run, as it so nearly did before these issues, it will be my first successful repair, hence my eagerness!) Thanks in advance Callum
  6. Hallo everyone, I just want to say Wow! You people are super. I also em an avid subscriber of Mark's YT channel. A few (promise ) words about me. I'm 38, recently got into watches, and as I like to tinker with things and quite handy( if I can say so myselph) I wanted to make some modiffications to the watches I bought and try to also regulate them. Problem is that I always start confident with no matter what, but with some things, after finishing I seem to be left with some screws or washers, and worst of all, things seem to still function ... This is enough for starters. Here's my first project: a cheep Vostok Amphibia with new basel and new seconds hand and minute and hour hand relumed.The seconds was a pain as I tried 5 different shades of red untill I was finally satisfied It is nice to be here. Radu
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