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  1. Thanks, guys! I don't oil the pallet pivots but having endstones threw me. I'm not going to oil them (or the hole jewels either).
  2. I have been taught that one should not lubricate the pallet arbor jewels. I have a watch in which the pallet arbor jewels have endstones. In that case should I lubricate the endstones the way one should, say, the balance staff endstones? Or should I not? Thanks!
  3. One problem I've had with that is that after I file it to a "D" it's difficult to hold in a pin vise.
  4. Mark has done a video on this. I followed his approach and I've been successful so far--though I'm variable on getting it right the first time. Key is to get the right consistency: neither too thick or too runny. (Hope it's okay if I post a link to the video?)
  5. I have an old Waltham pocket watch movement which is missing the impulse pin (roller jewel). I have a limited number of actual jewels and since this is just a practice movement I thought I'd try to make one out of brass. I've seen this several times in old pieces--usually a very sloppy job. So I got some brass stock of the same diameter as the "D" in the roller table, filed it and burnished it to a high gloss. Then I took a small, very fine diamond file and filed it half flat to form the "D" I then polished the face using progressively finer sandpaper on a steel block. This works fine--s
  6. Horosolv looks to be the same as One Dip, which is what I have. Both are a modified carbon tetrachloride. I think it should be ok. I've soaked balance completes in it and haven't had any problems. Don't soak in any alcohol because that will dissolve the shellac. I also use Zenith hairspring cleaner which doesn't leave a residue like One Dip. https://timesavers.com/i-22336011-zenith-hair-spring-cleaner.html
  7. Thanks much! What you said makes a lot of sense. Will do and will let you know.
  8. Recently replaced the mainspring in a vintage watch (a Westfield 7j). Cleaned and lubricated watch. Worked fine for several days. Now I have a problem in which it stops before the mainspring is fully unwound--power reserve appears to be less than 24 hrs, but I haven't done a precise check. Just noticed this morning that it was stopped at about 0530. Prior to this the watch had good power reserve and the mainspring fully unwound--power reserve over 30 hrs. What kinds of things might cause this?
  9. I have an ETA 2750 movement and I need to replace the mainspring. My catalogs don't cover this caliber. The current mainspring, based on my measurements has the dimensions Dennison (Metric), W: 5 1/2 (1.45 mm), T: 9 (0.13 mm), L: ~ 14 1/2" (368 mm). However, due to its age and the fact that it's been serviced before I'm not completely sure the old spring is the correct one. So my first question is are these the right dimensions for the proper mainspring for the 2750? My second question is does anybody know some part or catalog numbers for the correct mainspring by some different manuf
  10. Thanks for the help, especially the tips about making the staff. I can see if I can get some CO2 cartridges. Didn't know N2O cartridges. Not sure you can get them here in the US.
  11. I got some stuff from Esslinger and have had a hard time working with it. It's almost impossible to cut into pieces. Tried using a jewelers saw, no luck. Graver won't part it--at least not in any reasonable length of time. Doesn't want to be cut into pieces with snips either. Definitely not getting curls of sworf and, yes, I am making dust. Takes forever to make any progress. Tried to anneal it but still application of my graver still yields a kind of brittle powder. Didn't think about finishing down to size with the Jacot tool. Thanks!
  12. Sorry! Didn't just learned that this topic has already been addressed pretty thoroughly here: However, if you have any other comments they'd still be appreciated.
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