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  1. I do love a Seiko currently I have 2 in my collection a 1978 (not a dive watch) and a Japanese 007 seen here chillin in the snow, it came to me as a 'non runner' but actually all it was missing was the plastic ring that holds the movement in place! I got a new one from Cousins and it doesn't miss a beat!
  2. Can't go wrong with a seiko that is a smashing looking watch agree with all the chat re the hands My Japanese 007 says hi
  3. Yeah Paul is great and that website is a fountain of knowledge I love this watch I think it is still quite modern looking and has lots of wrist presence, I've always wanted an electric and now need to focus on my next buy!
  4. It's 45years old! Hardly new fangled! ;-) It really does hum!! It's in really good nic, the bracelet is signed omega but almost looks too good! It has the feel of a brand new watch!
  5. Correct! I thought that would be harder!! Here she is
  6. Tuning fork is correct Bulova is incorrect
  7. That is great work there! Getting a garden office installed in the summer so should be able to so some more repairs then and have a very similar watch to work on you have inspired me to do that first
  8. I just got a watch I have been after since I first started collecting watches! For a bit of fun can anyone guess what it is from the snippet below? A cryptic clue 'I am cutlery but don't eat with me'
  9. I don't know to be honest it ticks at a higher beat than anything else I have I love the detail of the second hand seems to indicate how detailed this watch is!
  10. It is not sure about a diver on leather so might see if I can source a ss but I may end up paying as much as I did for the watch! I will see if it grows on me I certainly won't be opening this one up myself! And as for the white dial I really like its simplicity
  11. Been chasing this for over a year finally it is on my wrist! I love it can't see much else being worn today!!
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