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Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is John and I have been one of the great tinkerer's in life.  Taking things to bits to see how they work and not always being able to put them back together again :(

Just managed to get two Hopalong Cassidy watches both non-working.  Had one as a child way back in the 60's, but like many things it somehow disappeared through the mists of time. So am hoping to make one good one from two bad ones.   Which has also led to me buying some pocket watches to tinker with, well keeps me off the streets and from under the wife's feet! Ha

Have found this web site a mine of info so had to join.  


Best wishes to all


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OK John and welcome. Hope you get one of the watches going,  persevere carefully and you will succeed.  Many talented people on this forum to help. I am not one of them I am just a jobber fixer if you get lucky. I don`t often get run of the mill watches to fix. I get them when they have given up the ghost and have been in the drawer for 30 years !!. Except quartz of course. All good wishes, Mike.

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