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  1. No sign of any ID. Here is the keyless work.
  2. Hi, Can anyone help identify this movement? I know that it's from around 1911. The bridge across the ratchet wheel looks unusual. I've not seen that before. Thanks, Peter
  3. Thanks for that. That does sound very interesting. Yes, I noticed the pallet fork was shaped like a moustache. A couple of years ago before I became interested in watches I tried to do a quick check online for watches with a similar dial and I thought Vacheron was a potential contender, simply by comparing photos online. I'll get some better images when I next visit my father. I was in a bit of a hurry and in fact the movement was running which makes the image less clear. It's also engraved with my great grandfather's name and the company he worked for in 1911. So it's very much of sentimental value.
  4. Afternoon, I have a couple of nice heirloom watches passed down to me from my great grandfather and his brother. They date from around 1900. One is solid silver case and the other appears to be a solid 9k gold case, judging by the numerous dents in the case material, and it feels quite different to the gold-filled watches that I've handled recently. My newly acquired knowledge in antique watches is limited to American types, so these two look unfamiliar to me. I was wondering if any of you folks could help identify the manufacturer from these images. They are in very good condition and have been well looked after. The dials have no text, but one has minute markers up to 60 and the other has minute markers up to 300. Thanks, Peter
  5. Hi Marc, welcome.
  6. The watch is a Waltham 18s 1883 from about 1900. I ordered a H588 as a replacement staff.
  7. Yes, the dimensions matched the old staff. However there was a difference with the roller seat. The old staff didn't have a roller seat at all and the roller was just positioned at the correct point along the staff. The new staff has a good sized roller seat which extends to the same point that the roller was attached on the old one. Apart from that it all measured up.
  8. I used this balance staff remover with a staking set. What sort of distortion of the hole did you get? Afterwards the hole itself looked fine. There was a depression on the hole edge on the side where it was riveted, however the depression looked very regular and I assume that is just the original shape of the balance arm/hole. Interestingly the K&D remover didn't extend enough to hold in the M.K.S. staking set. So I used a couple of rubber washers (in the image) to allow the tool to be firmly fixed in place. I did get a slight distortion of the balance arms which caused the wheel edges to no longer be parallel, but I reversed it using a large stump and flat punch just using the pressure from my fingers.
  9. I applied a bit more force and it appears to be firmly fixed. I can also see some deformation of the shoulder now so I think it's properly on. I followed it with the flat punch and it's all looking good. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I've successfully removed a broken balance staff using a K&D balance staff remover. I'm now in the process of fitting the new balance staff and following one of Mark's videos. Using the correct rounded punch I have the balance staff fitted so that it doesn't fall out, however the staff does wobble slightly in the hole of the balance wheel. I've been applying gradually more force with the hammer, but don't wish to over do it, as advised in Mark's video. So, should there be any wobble at all or should the staff be firmly fitted to the wheel? I guess it should be a firm fit, but I'm cautious about applying too much force. Peter
  11. You can learn a lot from these quizzes. I was going to say that the key was missing. Not a major problem though.
  12. If the field appears to be too strong, why not simply start it with the movement farther away? Say a few inches or something like that.
  13. That's a really nice set of watches. I'd love to build a collection like that. For oils, I've followed this advice here. I've started with 9020, 8200, D5. But I got 941 instead of 9415 because it was more within my budget.
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