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Vintage Omega Dial

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Hello, this is my first time posting here. I'm Oliver and i'm 16 years old and have been repairing watches since I was around 8. I have recently bought a vintage omega with a cal 302 which has had a refinished dial and has been done to a very poor standard and the price reflected this. I was wondering if there is anybody in the UK that could repaint the dial for me or if there are any solutions that I could do at home to rectify the poor state of the dial.

Photo 01-04-2024, 18 49 03.jpg

Photo 01-04-2024, 18 48 55.jpg

Photo 01-04-2024, 18 49 39.jpg

Photo 01-04-2024, 18 51 04.jpg

Photo 01-04-2024, 18 48 33.jpg

Photo 01-04-2024, 18 49 18.jpg

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Hello and welcome from Leeds.  Several options, try matching the paint, almost impossible to get perfect but if close enough, it may help.  Find a dial in better condition either used or NOS. Live with it as is or have it renovated.  Google, watch dial restoration. 


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Hi As mentioned by Richard your options are somewhat limited by  how much you are prepared to pay  the value of the watch etc. but the cheapest method I’d to try to march the paint, not impossible but time consuming not to mention the colours required to achieve a match as a one off. It may take a few tubes of paint which will never be used again… professional restoration is not cheap.

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