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Quartz watch, Dial and movement removal


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Good morning,

I hope somebody might be able to give some advice on removing this dial and movement.

I was given this watch to repair (refit the loss gems on the watch face), but I stumbled over the first obstacle, of not being able to remove the dial. It appears to be sandwiched under the case somehow. 

After reading some threads I think it might be a front removal, but I do not see how the case can be easily separated without doing  some damage.

Any advice  is warmly welcome

Cheers Andrew

MichaelKors watch face.jpg

MichaelKors watch movement.jpg

MichaelKors watch side.jpg

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There is sometimes a small "lip" in the case where the bezel can be removed with a case opener. You will have to look around (using magnification) the seam where the bezel and case meet for it. I have had good luck with the Seiko type opener. Place plastic bag under the tool to help protect the case.



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