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Question on Removing Day wheel from an ETA 955.424

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I am working on a quartz watch with an ETA 955.424 movement. Even though the watch doesn't have a "Day" function, the movement has a Day wheel.

I can't figure out how to remove the Day wheel so i can gain access the the Date wheel and other components.

I can't find a service manual or video on how to do this. I did find a similar movement that shows a "C" clip holding the Day wheel but this movement has no such clip.

The Day wheel looks like it should lift off but when i try, it is resisting and i don't want to force it. The wheel spins freely so maybe it is simply press fit over the "canon pinion"? Note that the Day wheel is part of the silver disk in the center so, if it is press fit it appears that i would have to lever under the outside of the disk which could compromise the Date wheel???

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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Holy dumba$$ Batman... There IS a circlip. I had another closer look from the side, and lo and behold.... It's a tiny silver clip at the base of the brass collar. I couldn't see it from above.

Boy do i feel silly. Thanks @mikepilk and @RichardHarris123

Still, i'm glad i posted and did NOT try to force the wheel. 

Another problem solved thanks to you guys and this forum!


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