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Hey I'm Tim. I'm from Southern US. I'm looking to change out the  bezel of my citizen eco drive bl5400-52a. Thought about attempting a crystal change myself a few months back but was told to send it to citizen to fix in which I did. I found a diamond bezel that fits my watch and am curious if that's something that can be done pretty simply. Will there be gaskets involved does anyone have experience with this particular watch?



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11 hours ago, Nucejoe said:

Dial plate powers the watch, slightest damage to it ruins the watch.


Welcome to this forum.

Thank you.  


6 hours ago, LittleWatchShop said:

Welcome from Texas! I find that some of the simplest things can prove difficult in watchmaking. Some crystal replacements are trivial and others challenging. If would are not interested in becoming an amateur watchmaker, I suggest sending it to Citizen.

Thank you from Tennessee.  I originally bought this watch pre-owned being told everything was in great shape. When I received it in the mail the crystal looked like it had been Beaten on a rock. Thought about trying to replace it myself. Thankfully I couldn't find the replacement gaskets anywhere and sent it in to citizen where they found more was wrong with it.  It's good now though with an extended warranty. guess I wouldn't wanna ruin that. 


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