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Newcomer with plenty to learn


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Hi gents.

I've been a fan of mechanical watches for 15 years, I've had plenty of watches, mainly Swiss and Japanese, but some Russians/Soviets Vostoks.

I've had Tag Heuer, Omega, but now I only have my daily wearer, the Rolex 14060M from 2006 and one Vostok Amphibia that was relumed nicely, but hasn't seen much wrist time.

Hoping to start learning lots of things. I have a Seiko 6349a that was forgotten in a drawer for years, that will be my resto project. Recently bought some resto gear, mainly from Bergeon, but some cheap stuff too. I already managed to switch the crystal to a new one, but I'm getting the courage to disassemble completly the movement and identify what's missing/broken.

Wish me luck! 

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15 hours ago, VWatchie said:

Welcome @BFernandes!

I'm a great fan of Russian/Soviet watches (and watches in general, of course) so it's great to see someone else having the courage to admit they have a few of those! 🙂👍

Thanks VWatchie!

They are very interesting time pieces, both Russian and Soviet. It's a part of History that makes them special, not because they're particularly good. They're easily modded and somewhat reliable and won't break the bank. I took one to the pool and it survived (a new Russian, wouldn't dare to do that with an old Soviet one). Besides Vostok, I've had a Strela chrono. Lovely piece for under 500 €.

Now, I'm into Seikos, learning disassembling and identifying each piece.

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5 hours ago, BFernandes said:

Now, I'm into Seikos, learning disassembling and identifying each piece.

I'm a big fan of Seiko watches/movements too. Unfortunately, some of the smallest (Diafix) springs for the third wheel and the escape wheel can be extremely tricky to handle. Pretty nerve-racking even for a somewhat seasoned enthusiast like myself. Also, it seems near impossible to get hold of mainspring replacements and the Swiss Generale Ressorts springs just won't cut it. For this reason, I stay away from the Seiko/Orient movements, but someday I'm determined to return to them.

Best of luck! 🙂👍

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