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Miyota 82S5 Technical Document

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4 hours ago, kd8tzc said:

I was hoping  to get an exploded view if possible

the problem with most technical literature is it came into existence to help you to find spare parts. Then even technical literature that has servicing information may not have been scanned when someone was scanning these documents a very long time ago.  In other words all those PDFs add up to a lot of size and in the early days people didn't have that much size of hard drives. then there's the other problem of its assume that people know how to service watches so the technical aspects may have never been scanned for that reason. Then yes I've actually seen some of the cousins document where if you have the physical copy its 20 pages but all they have is two or three pages of a parts list.


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Thanks JohnR and that sort of makes sense.  I like it so I can see what I am getting into.  At first I liked it also for what to oil something with, but that ended up confusing me more (with the Seiko one) as you guys have some great advice on what to oil with what on this side (thick oil on slow moving high torque, and thin oil on fast moving low torque).  Taken with that and what Mark shows in his training video, I largely ignore the oil items.

It's funny as I bought a Luch 2209 and it has the part list, but I highly doubt you can find parts for that any longer.  That's one of the watches that I will attempt in a few days as it came to me filthy.  I might want to get a donor movement for it though as I'm a little concerned about the strange shock spring it has on it.  I have a picture of that in a different post.

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13 hours ago, kd8tzc said:

Luch 2209

I have the Google out because I didn't recognize the name. Interesting watch in that there seems to be a lot of references to it. found the parts list which at least would indicate that at one time parts may have been a available somewhere on the planet. Which is better than not finding a parts list which is not good at all.

That if you do a search on this group I saw the references that other people of worked on the watch.


3595_Poljot 2209.pdf

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