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So I own a brewery in an old bank building, and we've got this vault...

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I've been in this building for 8 years, and while walking by the vault door today I finally noticed it...balances.

The door has a time lock with three wheels, and until today I never noticed that they've got escapements!

Maybe I will finally have to get someone in to open the door so I can mess around inside. I'm a decent lock picker, but these lever locks are tough and I've never gotten into them.



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1 hour ago, ManSkirtBrew said:

time lock with three wheels

You actually have three time locks not one.

Then in case you don't have it there's a really nice book at the link below.

Then for those not familiar to prevent your bank from being robbed during the weekend holiday etc. or just over the evening. They invented the time locks so you'd wind them up and they would count down until you could open the safe. The reason for more than one is that occasionally they will fail for variety of reasons. So the more you have the more likely is that one of them will still run and you just need one to release the lock mechanism. Then when it's released you can use your combination to open your safe. And yes it really is possible for three or four of them to all fail and apparently that's really expensive to get that problem fixed.





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