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I've looked on the site for information for the distinctions between these two movements. 

They;re both ST36, one is further delineated as P29. For the life of me, I'm unable to find the alphanumeric name of the other one. Apologies if this is somewhere on the site, I've looked and haven't found it.

Anyone know their names?



Answering my own question here, please correct me if I'm wrong. The movement that Mark uses for the tutorials is ST3620 6498

The other movement is ST3620 6497

When buying a movement to follow Mark's tutorials, I'd bought ST3620 6497, I was befuddled a bit however I got through it.

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These of course are Chinese clones of Swiss watches. This means that getting anything resembling any sort of information is impossible because the Chinese don't do information at all. But if you looking for the difference between  6497 a 6498 that's easy.

Oh then there's the other difference the original of these came in 18,000 beats per hour then they put it –  two for second-generation and that's 21,600. I have a link below for each one of them so you can look at the dial side and see with a little secondhand goes. So the 97 the crown is at the 12 o'clock position in the secondhand is at the 6 o'clock position. Basically what I would call your standard pocket watch.

Then the 6498 and it's even noted on the link below is the hunter style case.  This is the watch you pull out of your pocket that has a lid the crown is found at 3 o'clock position versus the 12 o'clock position and the secondhand would still be at the 6 o'clock position

Then either watch will work fine for the class.




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If you compare the images on ranfft with the winding stem at 12 o'clock you'll notice that they both have 3 bridge plates. On the 6498, the ratchet wheel is located around 2 o'clock while on the 6497 the ratchet wheel is located around 10 o'clock. On the 6498, the balance wheel is located around 7 o'clock while on the 6497 the balance wheel is located around 4 o'clock. The Chinese ST36 has 4 bridge plates (a separate plate for the pallet fork pivot):


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My drawing skills suck but you should bill a see where the stem comes in and you look for the balance wheel jewel because it's unique and then it goes to the pallet fork escape wheel and the fourth wheel which carries the small secondhand. Then what happens with the Chinese watches there will be a whole bunch of variation of plate styles but the gear trains have to follow the same path because they're all meshing together

6498 alignment.JPG

6497 alignment.JPG

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