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This Could Be Titanic, I've Just Run Into A Rebberg!

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Evenin' all!


A little earlier, by way of relaxation, I opened up my box of assorted watch parts. I bought a small job lot of bits from the Bay place about a month ago but haven't really properly scrutinised everything that came. Thus it was, as I studied the various movements with a loupe that I found a largely complete movement with the mark 'REBBERG DEPOSE'.


Naturally, I Googled this and found not a lot but there was a reference to Rebberg and Rolex in one particular article. Heart skips beat!


In a item in the Rolex Magazine Blogspot I found this illustration:



If you compare that illustration with a pic I just took of my movement you'll see the similarities, albeit that mine is differently handed - not quite a mirror image. Clearly mine is missing the barrel wheel and screw that might have had the Rolex name on it. Bah! Also a couple of bridge screws.




The dial side is lacking the 'wheel in the middle' whatever it's properly called but the keyless work seems complete.



Does anyone have any further info about Rebbergs and an insight into how likely it is that this might be an early Rolex. I'm grasping at straws here I know but what fun if it were!






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Thanks Will, that's interesting. I think mine would benefit from a good clean and a little scratch removal on the train side. Maybe this can be my first cleaning effort using the Brenray. I have my uncle's gold Bulova case and bracelet to do before I get it down to the jeweller for appraisal so they could go for a bath together.

The Bulova has an inexpensive quartz movement but, with a very nice 14k bracelet, should be worth a bob or two. I don't think that it will have any greater value simply as a watch.

Another item in my job lot turned out to be a Slava 2428 movement, or most of one anyway. Found a few online that look quite attractive but they don't seem to be very expensive. Like my favourite Favres the 2428 has a twin-barrel arrangement, so interesting from the technical standpoint.

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Roberto, yes, **BLEEP** criminal! That may explain why he nicked the barrel wheel, which might have given a clue to the watch brand.

I may be able to remove the signs of surgery but restoring the pearling/engine turning will be a bit tricky. Any tips anyone?

What IS the name of the 'wheel-in-the-middle' on the dial side? It might help to know when it comes to searching a replacement out.

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Hi Clockwatch, I really like wrist watches from this era. I have a couple of Rebberg's which I thought you might like to see, which are not one's that were sold to Rolex. The cases are marked Rebberg, and one was branded by Lancet. You will see the movement was also marked Rebberg. I am pretty sure your find is a Rebberg that was sold to Rolex and the ratchet wheel would have been marked with Rolex branding. It is a nice find, even if only for spares 





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