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I like the well-known brass movement holder for doing work, but when I have a movement in the "waiting for parts" mode, it is nice to have it sitting in a nice stable holder.  So, I decided to print this movement holder.

Print time was 20 minutes.  Probably took me about that long to design it.  Now that I have one complete, I can tweak it for other movement sizes with only a few minutes of effort.

FYI, this is a Landeron 51 chrono.  I cleaned it and it is running fine, but I need hands and a decision about the dial.  I have a dial, but it is in really poor shape.  I see hands and dials on Ebay, so I just have to decide which one to commit.

2021-04-11 07_54_05-Photos.png

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This type of holder should be so sligly undersized so to grab thanks to a slit in the diameter. And when is for a chrono mov.t all the difference is made by having pushers.

Will you publish it on Thingiverse or perhaps just attach files here?

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, jdm said:

Will you publish it on Thingiverse or perhaps just attach files here?

I am attaching the Freecad file.  I use Freecad which is open-source software that is heavily supported and it is FREE.  Been using it for three years and love it.


STL file also attached, but it is not as useful because it is much harder to edit.

When I get some time, I will parameterize this for easier mods.

movement_holder 2.FCStd movement holder.stl

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