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Rolex 3135 movement -in over my head?


Hi all. I recently got an IBM 25 year service award Rolex handed down to me from my grandpa. It is a 1989 Datejust 16220 with 3135 movement.

When i got it the dial was spinning in the case when i would wear it and the second hand was off. Using YouTube videos, I got through replacing the dial with no issues. However when it came to the second hand, come to find out part of the second wheel stem was broken off in the hand. So i ordered a new second wheel and used Marks videos on YouTube to attempt that job. That’s how i got here.

But i didn’t take my time and didn’t let the main spring wind down first. I jumped right in and when i took the train wheel bridge off i realized my mistake. At that point the watch started unwinding rapidly and the minute hand hit one of the markers on the dial. Once the dust settled and i put it back together the watch isn’t working correctly. When i try to wind it, the clutch wheel on the main spring barrel turns but so does the main spring barrel which doesn’t allow the spring to wind. When i pull the stem out to hack position, the hands turn but so does the clutch on the main spring barrel as if it was trying to wind the watch. I have had front (date wheel side) and back (main spring barrel side) apart with no idea or visible sign of what is wrong.

Thank you for any guidance you can provide as i am stumped and didn’t feel comfortable continuing to remove parts trying to find out. 

First pic is dial change prior to second wheel replacement. Other 2 pictures show current state. 




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