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Vintage sea king rotor problem


I bought a vintage bulova sea king automatic at a antique mall for 80 dollars and I discovered the reason for its lower cost. It appears that it was someone's project watch that they sold. It has a 11 Anacd movement and the rotor is stuck. It can move but it grinds against the metal underneath it. The middle portion of the rotor(with the engraving) is loose and moves independently of the rest of the rotor. I have no clue how to remove the rotor as there are no screws on it. Is this a deeper problem than just the rotor or can I fix/ replace the rotor?




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Update: I removed the movement from the case and the plastic retaining ring snapped as it was very brittle. The movement holder was keeping the rotor from turning freely. The rotor is two parts and each are press fitted together. I put the watch back together and the rotor now spins freely. It does worry me that the rotor may fall apart again so is there a good way to keep the two parts together?

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2 hours ago, Amateurwatchbreaker said:

The rotor is two parts and each are press fitted together.

One of the problems of watch repair is that even though watches all looked similar there also different. So for instance two parts impressed together means I have to try to use my imagination because you didn't give us a picture which would've been helpful. So I'm assuming you're talking about the center part of the weight pressed into the way to itself?

Then I don't suppose you have a timing machine?

Then as I suspect it will be helpful I've attached information

Now that we have a tech sheet the work with let's start over? The automatic weight is held in place with a gib which is held in by a small screw removing that the automatic weight should come off as one piece. I making the wild guess you pushed it together in the watch and yes it will fall apart again.

One of the things I was looking for in the PDF on the parts list is not there? Some watch companies like Omega assumed that the automatic weight might wear out and had replacement components. But according to the PDF the axle has been welded to the plate and that would have to be replaced if that wore out the entire unit. Then it looks like the weed itself is considered one piece. So my guess is the pinion That looks like in your photograph is probably steel Reese the top part is came undone from the Weight and that is not a separate component. Which means ideally you should replace the whole thing. Or taken apart and see if we can friction fit it tighter together I'm assuming it was friction fit perhaps taken apart and use a small model Loctite.

Then I have a link to the parts list which should agree with the PDF but usually does not sometimes there's more parts available or potentially had more parts than the PDFs will show. Like for instance the axle which we know is welded to the plate and not available separate does show up as a separate part on the parts list below which of course you can't get. I was kinda hoping that the automatic weight came into pieces but it does not so if you replace it it's one component unless you can push them together and they stay together.

Then the reason I asked about the timing machine was that the stud holder and regulator don't look like they're in the right place except? The second link is a picture of your watch and it looks like they're in the same place. A lot of times if people were in the watch which typically the knot in wristwatch because usually it's too hard to get the back off if they do get in the watch they do like to move the regulator around.



Bulova 11ANAC, D, B.pdf

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