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CA9F95B9-F19A-4B39-AE82-B50A26C405E5.thumb.png.5da707521b56cf4582433c916e942bc5.pngHello everyone. I have a really sad story and I am a complete amateur. I am a machinist for a living so I thought I would give a crack at making a frankenwatch, however it did not go as planned and now I have a movement with subdials that don’t work and a whole lot of parts and money invested and I don’t know what to do. I need the help of a professional. The donor movement was a NOS, new old stock, and was running perfectly, however I messed up almost everything attempting to make this watch. I will happily ship all of the parts needed to complete this watch and pay for any repair that need to be made and for the return shipping. I need the help of a professional how can repair and assemble the watch with the parts and return it to me. I will pay for everything, the labor, replacement parts, return shipping, I just need someone’s help. 

Details about the project: 

movement: valjoux 7733

dial: vintage NOS angelus chronograph dial

case: custom machined case 

crystal: plexiglass





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