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seiko 1582


Hey guys

Working on this seiko cal 1582 its a automatic but i wanted it to wind by hand as well. Is this possible?

Please check pics

!st photo show the keyless gear set correct to wind manual.

2nd i add bridge to hold in position. 

3rd after i pull stem to move to hand setting position

4th check position of clutch and setting pointer (the thing that moves the clutch lever)

5th i push stem back in to winding position check position of pointy thing and clutch this is not right to wind.

6th arrow pointing down is at the notch it needs to be in for me to wind it.

stem will not go in any further, the only way i can get it in the notch is by forcing it there by hand.

Any suggestions of were i am going wrong?










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This movement partly reminds me of an ORIENT calibre I'm just servicing and it can't be wound manually. Wouldn't a winding pinion be a requirement for manual winding? Can't see any in your pictures. :unsure: Still, the clutch wheel sort of looks like it is designed for a winding pinion?

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Most Seiko automatics don't have hand wind. Can we have a picture of the movement side showing the calibre number as never heard of a Seiko 1582. 

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