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  1. Press here...its more visible in a certain crown position
  2. My bad the crystal might have to come out from the bezel the other way......that might be why it cracked. Strange it's 31mm as the case number quotes 29mm but sometimes case backs get swapped. ID for gaskets I believe.
  3. And further to Nucejoe's remark It could be the Cannon Pinion being loose. It slips at calendar change time. When changing the time is the crown really easy to move the hands? Often a sign of a loose CP.
  4. The Bezel might pop off the case when you remove the crystal so be aware. The Bezel might be difficult to fit back to case if the gasket is hard....a little silicone grease might help ease it in. But.....If you support the bezel the crystal will come out Crystal is 290P02LN03 or 29mm generic glass crystal and you can measure the thickness. crown gasket is DB0055B01 generic is possible 1.75mm or 2.05mm not sure case back gasket is FH2980B02 or generic flat 29.8mm x 0.5mm might be fine try cousins for spares in UK
  5. http://boley.de/en/case-parts Lünette Dichtung translates as bezel seal so I would think that's what you need but I'm no expert!
  6. I did one of these years ago but cant remember anyway some info for your case...and Cousins have it in stock! crystal Citizen 54-L5553F 914154L5553F crown Citizen 506-X832B 9142506X832B glace gasket Citizen 393-7684 91433937684 bezel gasket Citizen 393-7800 Lünette Dichtung 91433937800
  7. Never worked on one of these movements but if you remove the indexing spring from the minute record wheel does it still stop?
  8. I would start with a Seiko 7009 or 7s26 plenty of spares still available and loads of used ones on ebay. Cousins in the UK for parts.
  9. I bet this watch needs a dial spacer to raise the dial height as you say. Or....one of those thin brass washers on top of the hour wheel.
  10. Ok not sure why some are called Electric and some Electronic. I believe the dial must come off to get to day & date. The crown should quick set the date in the in position. I have a similar Q quartz version but with a circuit board
  11. You can access the dial screws from the bridge side. Turn the circled screw 180 degrees until small slot is next too dial pin.
  12. Seconds 2428 well a Slava in fact
  13. OK I have an m62 movement and it's not running but the one in the picture is, but not sure what movement but it's from a no day date dial. So can I swap day date dial plate over? If so how do you stop Bridge popping off when you remove the 3 screws? Is it just a case of be careful or is there a better way?
  14. This may help if I have the right movement
  15. JerseyMo you seem to be the timex electric go to person. Some questions please Like a coil does the balance coil have a ohms resistance that makes it unusable or usable. I have found with my meter that if I go from positive to negative terminal and tweak the balance if it reads something its usable and if not it's probably garbage if spring makes good contact on balance. Any other tests? I also found some balance and cocks work and have less end play in some movements than others. I'm guess the white jewel is broken in the mainplate maybe. How does one hold the movement when replacing the bridge as the calendar plate side secures the 3 screws. It's a bit fiddly and I've serviced Seiko movements far easier and quicker but I guess it was my first go at an electric!
  16. I'm quickly becoming a Timex Electric addict. Learning to service these. Easier than citizen Cosmotrons and Seiko Elnix, but fiddly to get the balance in with that magnet and contact Spring and pallet fork all fighting me! Only the fixed magnet versions with the crown on the rear. First tear down to remind me how to put it together.
  17. You should be able to carefully bend the second hand straight. Patience and time (some of us have a lot of that at the moment) Good luck. Stay safe.
  18. 7009 Definitely no hand wind and pressing the crown will quick set the day.
  19. I'm just discovering these little gems and loving there simplicity and cool styling. Out of interest how do you get the balance in without it sticking to the magnet!
  20. Most Seiko automatics don't have hand wind. Can we have a picture of the movement side showing the calibre number as never heard of a Seiko 1582.
  21. Looks to me like that movement is just for time. Does the day dial change when you wind? So the sub dials are just for show perhaps.
  22. Are you in the UK looking at the Cousins website? If so just register, I've done it and so have many others without being professionals.
  23. I had this problem as well. I believe the cannon pinion is slipping when extra power needed at day date change. It's not like the cannon pinion on Seiko automatics. You need to tighten the wheel on the tube but be careful the wheel spokes are super fragile. This movement is also a PITA the date wheel has to be 100% flat and the teeth true or the date quick set will jam and the date will also not sit right in the window after changing.
  24. Is there not a plastic I-ring or L-ring you are missing to press the crystal into?
  25. Open back up and recase, the pusher is not against the brass tang and is getting stuck. No spring in these just the pressure from the brass lever. If very stiff the rubber o ring will need in the pusher will need a grease or if hardened replaced.
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