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  1. Hairspring looks bunched to the left in second photo. Does the train run freely without the pallet fork? Did you clean the mainspring and clean and oil the diashock jewels?
  2. If hands feel loose when setting and stop before date change then look at the cannon pinion. It need a very delicate squeeze. Others will chime in with links and how to do this correctly I'm sure. Good luck.
  3. You might find you need to solder these parts together. It might get messy with the plastic if you don't have a pointed tip!
  4. This may help https://www.thewatchsite.com/21-japanese-watch-discussion-forum/1677-crystal-codes-seiko.html
  5. Interesting. Have you tried the crown and stem in the serviced watch outside the case? Is it still difficult to pull out?
  6. Cousins do have them it's part number 015.713
  7. Drilling it out might be your only option. Slowly is the word to use here when drilling. Maybe a dose of ultrasonic cleaner might help. Final solution another case off ebay.
  8. You would first have to push out old crystal and measure it as citizen part numbers don't give any anything as to what size it is unlike Seiko p/n. You could then see if you crystal is available as a sapphire in the measured size. I have to say Citizens crystals are often weird sizes.
  9. As above rodabod just beat me to it! Its more likely to be the second hand has enlarged. You need to close the hole up a little. Easier said than done. The lip on the hand needs to be tightened. Must be some info on here on how to do it properly rather than my bodge.
  10. Could be a few things. Is it stiff when changing the time if so it's the cannon pinion too tight. The day or date wheels are buckled or more likely the the date drive wheel or day finger is bent and catching.
  11. I might have a spare. I will check tomorrow.
  12. Yes index ring can be rotated with crystal installed in to the 2 O'clock position and the dial should sit high enough to lock it in place once movement holding ring and case back are fitted
  13. Hi again. I hope the black plastic dial holding ring is between dial and movement. Second your dial is missing the silver plastic date window. The index marker as you call it goes in the front of the case. With the crystal in place the tab on the dial will fit in the marker tab.
  14. I bet, probably hitting the crystal or getting jammed in the cannon pinion!
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