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  1. Yes index ring can be rotated with crystal installed in to the 2 O'clock position and the dial should sit high enough to lock it in place once movement holding ring and case back are fitted
  2. Hi again. I hope the black plastic dial holding ring is between dial and movement. Second your dial is missing the silver plastic date window. The index marker as you call it goes in the front of the case. With the crystal in place the tab on the dial will fit in the marker tab.
  3. I bet, probably hitting the crystal or getting jammed in the cannon pinion!
  4. Interesting...It's usually the other way around. Watch stops when chronograph stopped. I think the second hand may be touching the glass. (its sitting to high?) Or the centre chronograph wheel is warped and dragging on something maybe. Or lastly the power reserve is poor and extra needed to run second hand is not enough.
  5. Now to my eye that tube on the second hand is too long for a Seiko 6119. Never seen one like that before and I have done a few. It should be more like this....http://seikodiver.blogspot.com/2014/05/sold-original-second-hand-for-seiko.html I think original is 1/4 to a 1/3 of the size of your one
  6. Melt

    Cleaning Watch "Dial"

    Rodico then if stubborn lightly clean with Cotton ear bud and a little water. But go easy or you will get fine scratches.
  7. Melt

    Hello Im New Please Help

    Looks like a one piece case to me. The button on the back removes the crown and stem. Then pry off the gold bezel on the front. Hopefully the crystal will come off with it and the movement will come out the front.
  8. Hairspring just needs a clean or a demagnetise, probably both.
  9. Ok so I just measure the other pusher, spring, stem tap and buy generic? Nothing original? If so I have an account with cousins but unlike Seiko for example I don't have a case number etc. to find the part.
  10. Hi Everyone, A good friend has lost the pusher and spring from his Yema Valjoux 7734 movement watch shown in the pictures. Any ideas where I can source these items or part numbers please? Thanks in advance
  11. Melt

    Seiko 7019 balance wheel help needed

    I'm curious or confused. Can we have a link please? Thanks
  12. Melt

    7S26 "C" Date Maintianing Plate

    Do we know the differences between the 808300 and 808310. I have the part but don't know which I have? Anyway are they interchangeable?
  13. Melt

    Seikomatic 6218-8971

    Seiko 6206 parts will fit. I might have them. Need to check.
  14. Melt

    Seiko 4006 - Bell Matic

    I would just get a used replacement barrel and train wheel bridge. That click spring also looks bent. I suppose you could press out that metal bush and replace it with a jewel. Its finding the right size that's the hard part. Is the watch 27 jewels given the mainspring and alarm ms arbors have jewels?