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  1. I would add the gears in one at a time to see which one is jamming the gear train. The mainspring can also bind. Check for wear. And as above inspect all jewels. This should be easy after a 6138 rebuild! Good Luck.
  2. I guess you could fill the gap with a chemical metal......worth a try if you can't find a replacement.
  3. The pinion for this centre second chronograph hand is not round but has two flat sides and unless you put the hand back in the same position (or 180 degrees) it will deform the pipe and come loose. 6139B.pdf
  4. Hi Your date quick set wheel looks worn. Compare to the one in this picture.
  5. Maybe too much play in barrel arbor bushes is causing the barrel to bind?
  6. Without the pallet fork does the train run freely when you wind the mainspring? As you have a spare movement...... Have you swapped the pallet fork and or its bridge? Try swapping the escape wheel as well. Finally have you oiled the diashock jewel in the balance?
  7. Looking at the photo of the balance again I would say the beat arm needs to move clockwise by 15 to 20 degrees comparing it to other Lip r 148's on the web. Or pushing the rate arm anticlockwise to get it in the middle before the bend in the hair spring. This may help.
  8. True but you can always re oil the pivots after. I'm not recommending this method as I would rather do a proper service.
  9. Electric watches are fickle and often need a good shake to get them going. If a good shake gets it running and it then stops again it's time for a service. A bodge alternative to a service is to spray a degreaser on all the pivots and contacts........and you might get lucky.
  10. Does the calendar wheel rotate with the day and date finger on when you turn the crown in second position? You will have to remove day disc to see this.
  11. Part 200/3 is probably broken. So drive to hands is lost. Or drive train is stuck and the impulse from the battery keeps the balance swinging. A good spray of some sort of contact cleaner can sometimes gets these movements going again.
  12. All i can add is the 92 on the back of the dial looks correct and dates the dial to Feb 1969. Which is correct for a proof dial.
  13. You need to bend the brass tab circled in red back up into place to hold the stem. You must have pressed too hard when removing or it was a already deformed. In the hand setting position the brass tab stops the watch when it contacts another brass strip that goes to the circuit board and stops the stem from pulling out. You may have to remove dial to do this operation. Love these jump minute watches!
  14. You also need to use silicone grease to help the gasket slip over the lip and with bezel rotation
  15. Dial spacer clearance? Does the day date align with the dial off? If so some thing is fouling.
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