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  1. Weasol It don't fit on the other arbour U mean on top of crown wheel or under? has the crown ring got anything to do about this?
  2. Hi any one know the shape of the click on a GSW cal 50 It looks like it should be hammer shaped.I cannot get any info on the click. I ask as i ordered a click and spring off cousins ( and they say its the correct one) It comes with a screw as well.but i will be damned if i see how it supposed to fit. cheers gary
  3. hey Thanks again everyone special mention to jberry who got it spot on first go. cheers gary
  4. Yer it's not a in house Oris I am sure as says schilf but no asat
  5. The number under the marh is 1950/51
  6. Yer No cal number just. This as at in a cloud. It's not in the bestfit books I have searched. And if it is the one jberry says I'm in trouble cos it keeps great time but if I put it on timer machine it's minus 359 with lift angle set at 52 deg. Most Oris are 38 deg to 44 deg. So l am still confused. Cheers Gary
  7. Hi does any one know who this mark is for . i know AS is schild but cannot find ASAT see pics. Its a oris and under the mark its got 1950/51. I am trying to find the lift angle to time it. before i strip it. thanks gary
  8. Hey I have ordered the one from sweeden. I will let you know when it arrives and the out come. fingers crossed. cheers gary
  9. Hi Fantastic work John. I don't have the ring for the crystal. If it was your choice which 1 would you go for.? And it has to have the silver coloured ring
  10. It's a vernier I think but it's a cheap one. A sliding ruler type thing 2 point. 1 point on 1 side other opposite side. Tried it on crystals I know the size of and it's onlt been 0.1mm out on 6 crystals. Sorry if I am late answering I am thinking of buying a omega seamaster professional 300m james bond automatic it's a 2004 model Ltd edition I can have it for 1500 pound all papers and box and all service receipts.so been. A bit sidetracked
  11. Hi It was left to me. And was bought new in 1969 I was told. But no proof of that. So I am not sure. Gary
  12. hey glass came today its 1 mmout by my calc. The glass that came is 29.8mm and it needs to be 30.8 mm so john if you have that page were you got the 29.8mm one from i may be able to order next size up. This might finally answer the question about omega and there coding. Any way thanks very much everyone who helped. its much appreciated. cheers gary
  13. Hi

    Nice try but its just 2mm to small.

    This watch has sentimental meaning to me thats why i am trying to replace the crystal.

    So thank you very much for all your time and assistance.

    And to make this a perfect day its a non returnable item as well (doh)

    Keep yer self safe



  14. Hi Thank you for your time and help. I have ordered from cousins. Cheers Gary
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