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  1. Yer All 30 sec time gap watch was running watch all in same position
  2. Hey I am trying to make head nor tail about using this weishi machine. Can some one look at these pics and tell me if this is a good reading or bad. The movement is a valjoux 22 chronograph from 1937 and keeps great time. I used this watch because it is such a good time keeper as machine suggests. Butrlooking at the readings the watch is in a terrible state. cheers gary
  3. Hi I need to get a Hairspring turning tool. They seem to come in sizes. One end of the tool refits the Hairspring and they give you a size for the shaft size for this end. The other end let's you turn the spring collet and there seems to be no size for this end. What I need to know is which size should I get to get the most use from. Any help appreciated there not cheap to buy. Cheers Gary
  4. Hi I need a new balance complete for this balance bridge. Can any one tell me if I need a normal balance or a inca balance.
  5. Hi any one know who this mark is for, sorry pic is bad its A back tp front f with a correct away around f so they are back to back and then ST underneath all within a cloud. check pic. Is it a henri sandoz movenent? cheers gary
  6. Hey john

    can yer mail me your box says its full. got a hairspring question.



  7. Hey rod No I did not return the stem. I turned that gold shim until it became loose which was nice. Only problem now is. When watch all back together the winding stems do not seem to meet. And they did when I srarted. DOH Not so cheerful Gary
  8. Hey Why won't this movement come out. Stems out. Two gold rings are off. But it won't come out. And I have not noticed this other gold ring before. Cannot find part on work sheet either. I have opened this twice before and not noticed this washer or ring Cheers Gary
  9. Hey I have looked in bestfit for this mark and cannot see it. It's on a smiths watch. Anyone know it. Pics below. Cheers Gary
  10. Yer I know the spring is in bad shape. So thought good time to find out how to reattach it as this is the 3rd one I have done this to. Inner part of spring is the way it came off not twisted. I presume I try to insert the pointy part of the V into that gap in the collet. But I do not know how. Cheers Gary
  11. Hey How do I get the spring back in the collet? Can it be done? And if yes what tools do I need or is it just putting the V shaped notch in the spring into the gap in the collet. Cheers Gary
  12. Hi Theses parts are from a balance from a Enicar sherpa 600. Cal 1145b. Has anyone any idea how it goes back together. I was fitting a new spring when it just fell apart. The parts sheet on cousins does not show the part in detail. Any help or suggestions appreciated. Cheers Gary
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