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  1. Hey Sorry to be a nuisance . I'm trying to find a catalogue or diagram of a omega 620 calibre movement. Its so i can buy parts i need. Without the part number i am stuck. I've googled it and followed many dead ends and nothing. I've tried cousins and they don't seem to have anything. Doe's anyone no anywhere i may find a 620 calibre parts list. Its the part numbers i am after . cheers be lucky gary
  2. I'm fairly new to omegas only been looking at them for a couple of months. But i think i may have a fake. It just don't look or feel right. calibre 671 movement number 214543355 case number 165004. It might just be me, but it looks like its been cobbled together. Here's some oics sorry there not the best. Any opinions would be helpful. be lucky gary
  3. Sorry me again does anyone know what the case number on omega cases mean. I know what the first three numbers mean but not the last three. As i say anyone know? be lucky gary
  4. Thanks guess i just keep using my mobile. that gives me 12 inches of room at least. be lucky gary
  5. I was hoping someone could tell me what kind of loupe i need. At the moment i have a visor headband contraption and if i get with in 2 inches of the watch i can see what i'm doing. but this is causing terrible neck pain and its hard using the tools when your face is that close. What i need is a magnifier i can use (hands free) with say 10 inches or more distance between my face and the watch movement Is there such a magnifying system? I would be grate full for any suggestions i were glasses so anything i could attach to them would be fine. cheers gary
  6. Hi Just a quick hello. complete newbie hoping to learn a few things.
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