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  1. Hey Is there a special way of taking the back of a seiko watch. I am trying to get the back of a seiko kinetic divers 200m watch and it wont budge. The crown seems solid as well it wont move either. I have tried turning the back left and right, it wont move i have oiled the area and left it over night and it still wont move.. I don,t want to heat it up if possible. I have just tried getting the back of another seiko and that wont move either? Anyone had this problem before? And they are both screw back watches. cheers gary
  2. hey Anyone come across these numbers before on a omega. The number is under the balance. Its 5 sob and under that is T 2. cheers gary
  3. Hey I am trying to get this watch going I have replaced winding stem and crown. This now enables me to turn the hands but it won't wind. I have not tried sorting a auto before and the problem now is Donald wrote most of his books 1950s and my watch is a 1964 cal 671 so his diagram of the auto wind mechanism does not match my watch. Is there anywhere I can get a more up to date diagram of. The auto mechanism. Cheers Gary
  4. Yer 051n/52 is cal. I will see if I can get the parts I need. Thanks chaps
  5. Hi Just opened up this Kienzle and no lid on barrel. But also the spring does not look right to me, but with 3 months experience I'm not sure. What do you think? OK or wrong? Thanks Gary
  6. Can anyone tell me the caliber of this watch? Has this had a new face fitted. Movement number says its a 1944 auto bumper. Anyone come across this colour face? Any info would be gratefully received. Thanx Gary
  7. Thanx everyone. I will see if parts from a woman's 620 will do the job
  8. Hopefully a 620 omega woman's watch movement will have the parts I need.
  9. Yer but the Canon pinion is blocked with the snapped bit.
  10. Hi can some one tell me is this Canon pinion now a dead Canon pinion. Has it snapped. Sorry pic not better. Its a omega cal 620. A exploded diagram of cal 620 would be handy if anyone knows the were abouts of one to download. Thanx Gary
  11. Evening all Has anyone any idea were i may get a part for a calibre 18.49 longines pocket watch. Its the stem i'm after i believe the part number is w1547. I have tried the usual places. Or is this a case for a donor watch. cheers gary
  12. Hi Me again. Doing my first proper service ( well the best a beginner can). at this stage. And got a bit of a surprise when i decided to remove the jewel from the balance cock. There's 2 jewels in here i thought there was only 1. I presume you put the first jewel flat side down so curved edge is face up and the second jewel curve side down so flat part of jewel is on top. I presume this as it then makes that olive shaped hole. hopefully some one can tell me. cheers
  13. Cheers i have invested in a magnet
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