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  1. hey Guess i shall have to try 1145/1496 oscillating weight axle. Cannot see it being anything else. cheers for help again. gary
  2. Hey Any one no part number or a name for this stud part. cheers gary
  3. Cheers poljot i searched 1143/1506. Just seen the small writing on the worksheet. Much appreciated thanks gary
  4. Hi guys Just putting a enicar sherpa back together before cleaning it and i am a piece missing. Its the part that holds the oscillating weight in place. Its not a screw and the nearest thing to it on the worksheet is called a oscillating weight nut. Cousins say there's no such part. The number on the enicar worksheet is 1145b/1506. So i am stuck does any one know the name of the part i need to attach the oscillating weight to the movement. or another solution Pic 1 shows the movement side. that hole is were the oscillating weight goes. ( note slight lip just above jewel)
  5. Hi Guys I have asked this before so i am sorry, but i have put a pic up the best i can gedo,hoping someone can explain it to me so i understand. Below is a mainspring. The one i have numbered number 1 is what i call the mainspring and the number 2 is the bit added on so it catches and does not over wind. My understanding is that number 2 goes against the wall of the barrel? In most cases i have seen it has to, so the arbour catches the spring.Plus it tends to want to bend that way But if i put the number 2 piece against the barrel wall of the arbour it cann
  6. Hey guys any omega pocket watch buffs in here. Got 2 silver omega pocket watches. And on the dials at the back are initials. Just wondering do these mean anything. The 1906 has LB on back of dial and the war one 1915 has CF. not been able to find anything on internet. Someone said LB was the initials of a founder or some one high up in omega. But then thought to meself if he is that high up why is he making watch dials?. besides that nowt. Any info or pointers would be appreciated. I can photo them if needed. cheers gary
  7. cheers for info and sheets
  8. hey guys I need a balance complete for this oris. The oris parts sheet says i need part number 715a. But when i go to Cousins it gives me the choice of two. 1. 650721 2. 654721. Which is the correct balance ? I don't think the cock is incabloc (see pics) Any one who can shed light upon this let me know. cheers gary
  9. Hey guys has anyone done a mainspring change in one of these. As i say above it is a felsa 4007. The first 3 pics show the top of the barrel, See the hook in pic 2. That then goes over the piece sticking up in pic 4. But i am finding it virtualy impossible to hand wind the mainspring into the barrel pic 4 the sticky up thing gets in the way. The piece in pics 5 and 6 ( it acts sort of like a arbour) it has no hooks and no use except to center it when it goes into the watch. The arbour does not turn. The part of the barrel with the hook. ( see pic 1,2,3) turns via a wheel attached di
  10. Hey guys Anyone any info, worksheets or part sheets on the above I am not having much luck cheers gary
  11. hey guys With a lot of help from you guys i have fixed the mido 1117 pc1 and it runs lovely .Now just 1 or 2 more hurdles to jump. As you can see in the pic the male outer winding stem fits nicely in to the inner female winding stem. Now all i need to know is how do i go about getting it to do the same through the case??? Is it possible? Even if i buy the 2 stems new i will still have the same problem as far as i can see. And has anyone refitted the glass and seals to this watch or movement before. cheers gary
  12. Special shock resist according to cousins
  13. so its not inca that means its either SSR (which i hope it is) or ordinary,according to cousins which is obsolete .So its probably the one i need.
  14. Hey guys How do i no what is a incabloc balance cock or a shock balance cock. The pics below i know are not inca.But i dont know what balance complete to order still. Can some one axplain how i tell the difference. The pics below are off a tissot cal 27 inca or ????? cheers gary
  15. hey guys Anyone got any worksheets on any of these please. cheers gary
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