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  1. I would just like to agree with chopin about a trading section. I know I have plenty of parts people are always asking for. I would prefer to see them used than just in my storage. Gary
  2. Hey I am after a complete balance for a lanco 1022. The only thing I have found is at cousins. It is a complete balance but says it inca? Would this do for a lanco that had just a normal balance. What's the difference? Cheers Gary
  3. Cheers guys. Seems I am trying to run before I can walk. I shall buy the part. But thanks for all the good advice. Gary
  4. Hi Is replacing a jewel in a pallet fork to much for a novice with no pallet setting tool or any pallet jewel setting tools. Also no shellac. I am just asking as its a cheap lanco i am messing with and one of the jewels is broken. I can buy one from cousin for £5.00. Should there also be a small locating pin on pallet shaft for it to locate in the jewel on the movement?.
  5. hey Its going but i was trying t understand the double wheel movement.Which i do now thanks to you guys. cheers gary
  6. Hey The movement is wostok cal 1422.. And if I move a wheel clockwise they all move clockwise. If I do the same anticlockwise none move is this right? Gary
  7. Het I'm just reassembling a sekonda and i am trying to put the train bridge into place. When i do this and try the wheels they all turn and so does the escape. But when i start the balance it turns the wheels but then the minute wheel starts sticking or so i thought. A closer watch with a dental mirror shows the bottom wheel turns but not the top. (see pics to see what i mean) I apologise about my discription but only been at this 6 months. Should i be able to turn one train wheel anti clock wise and they all turn? and then clock wise and they all turn? The second pic shows the double wheel. Or do i have a completely different problem? cheers gary
  8. Hey I asked a question about ultrasonic cleaners a few days ago. I got some good advice and i have purchased one. I put the water in and added the (fine L&R cleaner) into a small jar and put them in the water. I was about to turn it on when i realised i don't know how long i should leave the machine working for.. I checked my last question and know one mentioned the timing. so my questions are. For the cleaning part how long should i clean them for? What parts not to clean this way? (balance pallet)? AND the same questions for the rinse cycle. It is heated so what should the temp be? Any other things i should no about? Any tips ect. cheers gary
  9. Hey How much is enough liquid to clean watch parts. I mean is a machine that takes 2 litres Big enough or is 3 litre better? Or are other things more important like frequency temp etc. Cheers Gary
  10. Thanks guys found copy on watchguy page
  11. Hi I know you get the calibre of a watch from the movement. But i also know a lot of these companies buy basic movements and add or change them. A lot seem to be by eta. Is there away of knowing what eta calibre model it is.Or does this all come down to experience? cheers gary
  12. hi I have a old watch and on the dial it has bucherer chronometer 25 jewels. The movement has nowt but a number 26022. I have tried ranfft for info there is none. you put bucherer in and it comes back with blancpain and others. Cousins don't list them. Googled bucherer and read the history but that ain't helping me. I just want to identify the movement maker or marks and calibre etc. rough age the watch may be. Its running fine now i've serviced it but i need a second hand to complete. any info appreciated. cheers gary
  13. Thanks guys bought that suggestion will come in handy Cheers Gary
  14. Yer none are the same as what i have but thanks guys. cheers gary
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