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  1. Thanks Much appreciated. Gary
  2. Yer that right. But why the letters?
  3. Hi Any one have any idea what this case code is. C2577-sc It's a new one on me. It's a cal 351 Movement number 13144258 It was sold by frifchknecht swistland 1953 Found out a bit but that case number has me stumped. Thanks Gary
  4. Hey guys I have been offered a amscope stereoscope. Has anyone any info on how useful this make of scope is. The model is sku se400 z. Cheers Guys
  5. Hi Me again. I have been working on this 865 chrono one push for a while now. I thought i was nearing the end. It seemed to be working fine until i used the timing push. It works great until you come to reset the second hand and it does not reset squarely over the 12. (see pics). Is there a easy fix to this problem or known my luck is it back to the start again doh I have tried resetting the second hand on the pinion. That makes know difference. Its no good me continuing until i sort this out cheers guys gary
  6. Thanks everyone. I have ordered the part. Gary
  7. Hi It's a omega cal 620. Thanks Gary
  8. HI Is it possible to replace the anti shock unit on a balance cock. I have removed it from the balance.The 2 clips either side that hold the unit in place had snapped. Its just the unit i need i can replace the jewel. Or do i have to replace the whole balance cock unit. Does it need to be the same make. like a tudor watch would need a tudor balance cock unit. thanks gary
  9. Hi Thank you very much. I have wall mounted it. Cheers Gary
  10. Hi I have bought a cheap chinese cyclotest machine to check automatic watches are working. The question i have is does this machine need to be hung up to work. I have it flat on a desk and it revolves but it don,t wind up automatic watches. I even tried a couple i know are working and they did not wind up either. The ones i have seen in watchmakers and jewelers all seem to be hung on a wall. Or is it a case you get what you pay for? cheers gary
  11. Hi I don't have a intermediate wheel so I will just rebuild the watch. And when I can get a intermediate wheel the watch should be in full working order. Thanks to all for advice and help If anyone knows we're I can get a intermediate wheel please let me know. It's only that part that's stopping me successfully rescuing a nice watch. I intend to keep and wear. I was unsure I could tackle a chrono but with help and advice its well worth attempting. When I get a intermediate wheel I will of course post pics of the watch. Cheers Gary
  12. Yer No end stones on train gears pivots. 1 of the intermediate wheels is toast as well got teeth missing DOH Are intermediate wheels got another name . Nothing shown on cousins for intermediate?
  13. Yer Every thing works fine until i put the escapement bridge on. But once you centre the escapement pivot to fit in the jewel hole it dont work. So i guess i need either to make the jewel hole bigger or the pivot smaller. gary I have everything lined up perfectly. If i turn the centre wheel it don,t move but if i turn the escapement wheel all the train wheels turn including the centre wheel. This cannot be correct surely?
  14. Yer i have stripped the plate and started again with just the escapement wheel and bridge. That seems to work perfectly. (see pic) I will now add the train wheels 1 by 1 and try after i add 1 to make sure its free and see were i get to. gary
  15. Yer pivot to thick. I have not touched jewels yet so better read up on it. Thanks for suggestions. Gary
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