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  1. hey yer i think it should be straighter and catch on the date ring but i am not sure. Its the day jumper spring.
  2. Hey Anyone done a walkthrough (cannot see any) or have pics of how the calander and date side go together. It looks fine (see pics) but when you turn the hands nothing is happening i mean the date or day do not move. I have the parts sheet from cousins but it don't show how its supposed to look and ranfft just has 1 pic of other side of plate. Nowt on you tube. Cheers gary
  3. Hey Do you use the same method to replace a center jewel as you do for other jewels. Just thought with it looking like a polo mint it may need another approach. Cheers Gary
  4. Sorry pics are best i can do must get a camera for microscope
  5. hey I am not taking the balance of again and thats were the stamped N in shield and number are. But here we go
  6. Yup i looked at that but cannot see if its marked with the M in a shield and cal 35 mine looks like that but does not have nivada written on train bridge
  7. Hey Anyone no about nivada watches . I have one here and it stamped into the plate (under balance wheel) a letter N in a shield and followed by the number 35. Now what i have been able to learn Nivada never made any inhouse movements they bought them from either ETA or phenix. This i believe to be a phenix 350. But would phenix send blank movements? if so would they allow nivada to stamp it in there name. Also were has this capital N in a shield come from as if nivada never made movements why would they have a makers mark? Anyone seen this before on a nivada? I hate it when you
  8. hey Just noticed the center wheel jewel was boken. I tried to remove it and what you see in pics is the outcome. I can measure the hole size by measuring the center wheel shaft its 0.78mm but how do i now measure the jewel itself to fit in the plate hole? Be damned hard sticking the original back together. I have basic measuring tools but nothing for measuring broken jewels. Any polite suggestions would be appreciated. cheers gary
  9. Thanks noirrac. Thats all i needed . cheers gary
  10. welcome plenty of help and advice here. enjoy
  11. hey Still messing about with this tissot 783.I am having problems getting the train bridge to fit properly..So does anyone know if the center seconds wheel should be above or below the ratchet wheel. Dont want to encourage it to fit until i am sure were the seconds wheel should be. cheers gary
  12. hey I need a setting lever and stud for this watch So on the worksheet its number 781443 so i go to cousins bring up tissot caliber 783 and its offering 781443.1 and 781443.2 but no 781443 and its not obsolete so which one do i order. The setting spring also has choices but the one i have is 445781 genuine tissot. So has anyone had this problem before?
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