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  1. Hey rowbear. Thanks. I now have a fully functioning as 1906 movement. I put my wheel in small vice and used trusty hammer to achieve what you did with staking tool. Much appreciated. cheers gary
  2. hey Yer same thing. gary
  3. Hey I now have power through the second wheel through the plate that is turning the canon pinion. But alas no movement from the train. I can move the train by hand and they all turn. but i am damned if i can work out were the power come to them from. I know it has to be the mainspring barrel??? cheers gary
  4. Hey guys Just broke camera lead so be back on tommorrow, In the mean times thanks. cheers gary
  5. hey guys. I cannot work out how this train works. See pic 3 Wheel numbered 1 is the seconds hand wheel it is turned by the mainspring barrel. Then wheel 1 turns wheel 3 Wheel 3 looks like it is meant to turn wheel 2 but it isnt. Wheel 2 i have been told has the of center canon pinion on iy that goes through a hole to the rear of the plate. And wheel 1 is turning the escape wheel. When i turn wheel 1 buy hand it turns wheel 3 and the escape wheel, Wheel 2 does not move. But if i then turn the mainspring barrel number 2 wheel make a attempt to start
  6. Hey guys Still on the as 1906 in the center hole is a brass like sleeve. (See pics) now the seconds wheel goes through it fine. But when you put the cannon pinion on its loose and on this brass sleeve. So the minute hand cannot turn on the cannon pinion as the canon pinion is on the brass sleeve that has no power going to it to make it turn. cheers gary
  7. Hey guys Does the day jumper in the as 1906 go over the ledge to the day ring or under as it is in the 2nd pic. I thought under as it is highlighted but now i am doubting my self. cheers gary
  8. hey guys I put the dial and fingers on and tried and hey presto it went. cheers gary
  9. Hey Cannot get the calender on this eta 2472. I have checked the walk through on this forum and mine is exactly the same except mine wont move the calander ring.I have tried 2 different calender driving wheel and lever assembly and same out come the assembly moves and pushes spring but calander ring dont move.Calander ring will move if i push it by hand. I have also changed the date jumper and jumper spring and it still wont move. Am i missing something obvious? I have had it apart now 5 times and changing parts seems to make no difference. The whole thing seems to work wheels
  10. Hey guys I need a seconds hands wheel for this zenith . Is the wheel i have hi lighted called the "fourth wheel center seconds" cos if it is i need part number 2552pc 227 if its something else i am stuck. I can only get work sheets for the zenith 2522 or 2552 and according to ranfft they are not the same family as the 2542. cheers gary
  11. Thanks fixermole tried the rodico all went great and its in the watch and working. cheers gary
  12. hay guys The mainspring seems hard to find as well (funny sizes) its 1.25 x 10.0 x 0,21 x 290 any help appreciated. cheers gary
  13. Hey guys I am struggling to find a set or single hands for a zenith 2542 the sizes are 1.30 hour,0.80 min, and 0.20 sec. To be honest i have only looked on cousins any other suggestions that might be worth a look. cheers gary
  14. Cheers fixermole. I will give it a go with the rodico. thanks gary
  15. Hey Does any one know is there a special way of rebuilding these things.When the 2 springs take up the slack everything just erupts out of place and its start again. I know how they should go in. Just cannoty get them to stay in. cheers gary
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