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  1. Yer thanks chaps it is cupillard. Thanks Gary
  2. Hey guys any one recognise this makers mark. its cal 1194 . looked up jeambrun.,epple-epora and otero but no luck. Appreciate it. cheers gary
  3. To me it looks like Universal 281 Tri-Compax but the one on ranfft is 27 mm this is over 32 mm. but very close likeness
  4. hey hsl here,s some pics of movement. Sorry phone cam not so good. any info appreciated. cheers gary
  5. Hey Can anyone tell me were i can get some info on this movement all i know is its a Zenith cal 166. No info at ranftt and cousins say it don't have records of it .cheers gary
  6. hey joe yer there is a hole still blocked with a bit of the pin. so what now bud cheers gary
  7. Hi guys Can you get replacement regulator for one of these. (Hope thats correct) The little pin that holds the spring to the boot has snapped of. Firstly can you get the part? and what part do you have to buy? The whole part (cock) or just boot and pin or just pin or can you not do anything to salvage it? Its a cyma cal 335 cheers gary
  8. HI These are two pallets 1 old and i just purchased. They both do not have the little nipple thing that goes into the jewel hole.Surely this is wrong? Or is this another silly beginners mistake? Movement is as 1506. The docs on cousins show the part but not so you can see the bit you wanna see. cheers gary
  9. Hey guys I just need a winding stem for this movement It has been a 2 piece stem and the outer part of the stem needs to be a male as inner is female. but when i look it up on docs in cousins its saying the part for this movement is a 1 piece number 401 But they also have (but obsolete Inner and outer stems. When i look on ranfft it just gives 2 numbers for the stem w2426 / w3226. I am confused. I know you cannot tell me which 1 is correct but is it cousins 1 piece number 401, or the inner and outer pieces you cannot get, and what does w2425 or w3226 mean. driving me crazy
  10. Hey guys I need watch hands any kind or sort to fit a watch the hole size (and yes i have checked it is 1.6, 0.8 and the seconds 0.2.Tried cousins and they omnly seem to do them up to 1.5 for hour hands. So were would i look now for a set of hands for a watch which the hour hand hole needs to be 1.6? cheers gary
  11. Hey Once again thanks all very much. Bought that fibre glass pen and I will give it a try. Just for the experience plus you never know I may save it hehe. Cheers Gary
  12. Hi guys Left this over night in white vinegar and it want come off. So far i have washed it 3 times in ultasonic and used ,petrel,white spirits ammonia and it aint shifting.Its like the metal is dissolving. Also a bridge i left in has come out all blotchy pink blotches if i did not need it i would laugh but jeez. Any ideas ??? cheers gary
  13. Hi I have been cleaning a real bad rusty chrono. I have used vinegar etc bit I am still left with like a rust stain on mainly the plate and bridges especially around the screw holes. Any tips on how to shift it? Cheers Gary
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