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    • Reminds me of a Richard Nixon..I am not a crook watch I once had.the eyes shifted  back and forth.
    • Hi! I am a newbie in watch repair. Recently bought a zim 2602 watch, it produces strange noise, and stops. The volume of the noise depends on the position of the watch, tends to stop rather in face up position. My guess was that the hairspring touches something, but I wasn't able to prove that visually. I attach a file about the sound it makes and a pictures. Thank you any help. zim2602_noise.m4a
    • I see these available at the modding dealers.  Anybody know how they do it?  Is the lume sealed under a coating? I guess I'm asking if they are worth buying or does it flake off.
    • D2 highly sought after machine in the US.  Probably elsewhere too.  Nice small tractor for play and stump pulling. I grew up around D8 14A2180.  I remember the serial after all these years!  Dad dropped my 1899 Waltham on the tread plate and broke the balance.  Took 30 years for me to get it rebuilt.
    • I have drifted out of my lane of collecting and restoration of 1970s  Seiko chronographs when purchasing a couple of Lord Elgin Direct Read Jump Hours this week, realizing I know little if nothing about Elgin jump hour calipers. I am seeking both help and literature on the above referenced calipers before getting into these projects.  Surprisingly, I found nothing on the Internet, other than reading about a dial spring that is easily lost during restoration, where it is I have no idea. Now the projects. The first is a “Lord Elgin 21 Jewel 1950's Direct Read Chevron Jump Hour” purchase from a jeweler’s estate with the movement out of the case.  It appears to be immaculately restored, but needing the dials fitted and the assembly refitted into the case. What is unclear here is if I have all the parts i.e. the mentioned dial spring, etc. for fitting the dial.  The caliber is very clean and appears to have been service, runs very smoothly and consistent. I’ve also read that it is tricky to get the jump hours to work smoothly.  I conservatively use the word restoration, but this watch could be Mint as there’s no signs of restoration. Any help is appreciated.   The 2nd Elgin is a “719 LORD ELGIN Direct Read Jump Hour (Elvis Presley) , which needs the whole caboodle.  I selected this watch because the case is relatively clean, still having sharp edges and emblem, flawed only by the ding on the left edge and light surface scratches. I’m currently looking for someone (reasonably priced) that does case restoration on “14K Gold Filled”, any leads and recommendations would be appreciated. The caliber will follow and I’m still trying to establish a game plan on that, as well as finding the proper crown.  I believe all three calipers referenced above are the same, varying only by the jewel count i.e. 17, 21, 23  respectively.  As always, your comments and help are appreciated. Will
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