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  1. Yes. That thing did not budge until the gasket was out and scarped away. Thanks again, all!
  2. I am beginning to think that with this watch stuff - knowing what to do is half the battle (that and not losing any of those tiny parts ;-) Thanks so much. Pried the ring up after taking out the gasket gunk and it came up after a bit of a battle. Movement and dial and movement ring are out of the case!
  3. Thanks. Will do. Hard options - full steam ahead.
  4. Any ideas on how to get the movement ring out? can I use a back press and push it out from the front? or maybe remove all of the old gasket and put some penetrating oil around the ring? Do they pry out? Open to ideas.
  5. Yeah... no visible slots. No bezel on the front to remove. No visible dial screws. Dang.
  6. Thank you, as always, for your help. Thanks for the PDF - not really what my case construction looks like. The 2 movement retaining screws have been removed earlier. I just scraped off some of the gasket material. (yellow arrow) It looks like there is a metal ring inside the case. (red line) This is certainly what is preventing the movement/dial from coming out the back. Do you think this ring is removable? If so, how might that be done.
  7. Sorry for asking yet another how to remove movement question!!! I have the back off and the crystal off. It was not a split stem. The movement and dial do not fit out the back or the front. A conundrum indeed. The movement and dial move front to back about 1/16 of an inch, so it is loose in there. And it rotates freely. But the front and the back of the case are not wide enough to get the movement and dial out. I think the movement would come out the back if the dial were not attached. There is a rubber gasket still on the back rim in the photos. As always yo
  8. Dang -- you guys are so smart. Thanks. Used my zippo razor knife. Took a bt but it came out! Thanks so much!!
  9. OK - thanks. Will give it a shot this afternoon/evening.
  10. There is no lip on the back case, don't think it pries off. Note the watch back stands proud of the case by 1/8 of inch or so. I pulled the crystal, and have put quite a bit of pressure on the stem - don't think it is split stem. But, the dial is way to big too go out the back. I bought a bezel removal tool, it does not move the face bezel at all. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Just jumping on here... I get how to measure the lengths of hands. How does one determine the size of the opening for hands where they mount. Is it as simple as measuring the 2 or 3 pins with a caliper? Thanks.
  12. Ok - this might be better in the Repair topic now, nut will ask anyway. Is there any secret, or technique to having the balance wheel installed so that it works with the pallet for properly. I am watching this video, and he just seems to plop the balance complete in there. During the install, do I need to do anything to align the wheel with the pallet fork? BTW - this is the furthest I have gotten on putting a watch back together w/o breaking a pin or losing a screw ;-)
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