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  1. Hard to believe this is the same crystal. Used increasingly fine grits from 400 - 2000, wet sanded. I have no idea what the material of the crystal is.
  2. OK - thanks. I found a Lemania S27 T1 replacement on ebay. It is coming from Poland. Will get back at it when it arrives. Thanks, All!
  3. Dang - you are right - the top one is broken off. Will look around for another one. Apparently Omega 320 and 321 have parts interchange with this. Thanks for all you help. On the back burner for now. On to another $20 watch....
  4. Thanks. Yes they are both still there under the microscope. Both ends look just like they do in Mark's videos. Will keep pluggin along.
  5. Yet another question... on the two jewels that hold the escape wheel.... do they have holes in them, or just indentations. I am having a very hard time getting the escape wheel to lay flat in the bottom escape jewel, and when I put the top bridge w/ the top escape jewel in place - the escape wheel does not stay steady when I gently spin it.
  6. Thanks. Yes that is a countersunk screw. I am hopeful to be able to find one. Do I really need to work in a bag? Not very glorious!
  7. Pallet fork installed. Both pivots in the jewels as seen under the microscope. Moves freely. That is probably it for today.
  8. Keyless work is in. and working.... it winds the spring and it moves the dial. Which it did not do before (the winding part) Lost one of the screws - popped out of the tweezers.... see the yellow arrow on the photo. I will keep moving forward. The 2 gears I did not know where they went, were part of the clutch and are now installed.
  9. Thank you so much. (I probably should have started with a more common movement. and I certainly should have taken more pictures. and I should have kept the screws with the components they held._... lessons learned...)
  10. OK.. here goes.... I am starting with the barrel, barrel bridge and the stem lock. - installed. Will do the keyless work next.
  11. Hello - any parts explosion of this would be appreciated. All parts a cleaned and I am ready to put back together. There are gears that I am not sure where they go. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thank you. Will do so when I start putting it back together. Do you mind defining "FD Position" for me? I am brand new to this world of watches. I googled it and looked for it in a couple of books, but could not find it. Thx.
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