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  1. A watch repair YouTube I follow uses the spherical stainless mesh tea ball tea infusers with his ultrasonic to separate and suspend the parts in. Seems like a good idea to me, but I'm not one to really know.
  2. And to offer my opinions on several previous posts, not that anyone asked for them, but since I started the thread I've decided it's appropriate. LOL I have tried lapsang souchong and don't care for it. I like my campfires to smell like campfires but not my tea. It is also notoriously bad form for someone to put pine on a campfire, even in a pine forest, because it implies a level of laziness; being a soft wood it is easier to cut and lighter to carry, plus it smells like turpentine. LS tea has always smelled to me as though is was smoked over pine chips. Earl Grey tastes like tea wi
  3. Bubble tea is popular in the US, at least in the more populated coastal region of the mid-atlantic where I live. My 13 year old, Jake, is especially fond of the taro flavor bubble tea they serve at the local sushi restaurant!
  4. It is a lovely sunny day here in Chester, New Jersey, and I just sat down to a tall glass of iced Yorkshire Gold!
  5. This might be anathema to mention around the Brits, but that sounds like it would be very good iced.
  6. That was really uncomfortable to watch. My techniques is faster though, don't have to work about all of the fiddly disassembly: take the movement out, hose it down with brake cleaner, let it dry, hose it down with WD-40, give it a shake, boom! You're done!
  7. Could you provide a few photos of the tool and especial the tip of the punch in question? That would be helpful indeed.
  8. This is an ongoing project for me. I have just replaced the hands and dial on this watch, as well as servicing and replacing some damaged internal parts. When I got the watch, it had a very poorly fitted crystal that dropped out with very little pressure from the inside. I have installed a generic crystal that is nice and snug so it is working for now. But I would love to find the right NOS crystal for it. Ebay has many listings for crystals, with the diameter listed, and usually Omega part numbers form the paper envelope, but I am currently lacking the research knowledge to figure o
  9. Well, I have given up on the original hands for the moment. Mostly because the replacements hands arrived and they look pretty darned good and of course fit properly. The tip of the minute hand required a bit of gentle bending around some peg wood to get the same curvature of the original, and the hour hand required a little reaming of the mounting hole with a broach, but success! They are a little wider than the originals, and at the moment the lume is bright white. I bought a second set of the same hands to experiment with aging the lume. I know many have used coffee or tea to accomplis
  10. That is the clean one. The watch came to me with a pretty good (to my eye) repro dial. This one was purchased on ebay in rough condition and I took some excellent cleaning advice from this article: https://watchguy.co.uk/cleaning-and-preserving-original-finish-on-dials/ The next challenge is that the dial feet for the correct dial are in the wrong place. I can use dial dots but would prefer to put on new feet, which is another whole can of worms on techniques and tools that I do not have and do not want to invest in. We shall see. The before and after (after then before). Like many
  11. Good advice and I have heard reference to the "tube" several times and it is all coming together in my mind. This minute had is fairly flat; it certainly doesn't have a tube in the way I have seen them on some seconds hands. It also does not have much of a "flange" or very short tube in the way the hour hand does. I am going to play with it a bit and also some replacement hands just arrived. I have not had a change to compare them directly with the hands on the watch yet, but I might just end up using those and use the old one to learn on.
  12. Yes, this was a bit of a "frankenwatch" ebay purchase. Fairly knarled hands for sure. I didn't pay much for it and as I learned more, and then eventually opened it up, I learned why. Does that sound like a familiar experience to anyone? The setting lever spring was broken and not inside the watch, so it was re-built that way at some point. There was no movement/case clamp and that created a stress on the winning stem which broke. The wrong crystal was installed which I discovered when cleaning it from the inside and it popped out with almost no pressure. It did work well and keep ac
  13. Thanks for the discussion and solution. I’ll report back as things develop.
  14. I have been working on my 1952 Omega Seamaster bumper 344. I like the look of the hands that came with it, but the minute hand seems to have been removed/replaced many times and it slips a little bit when jostled. It only moves a few minutes distance and does not fall off or spin around but obviously something needs to be done. I would appreciate some techniques for fixing this problem. I know I can get other hands but as far as I know, and that is not terribly far, these are original and I'd like to keep them. I also am interested in the correct techniques because that is why I am
  15. I'm guessing it is for putting bends in metal sheet stock; a sort of narrow precision press-brake.
  16. I dig it. It looks great with that strap and the denim shirt is the icing on the cake!
  17. Very interesting! I'm trying the same thing; I just epoxied two Leica M6s together to see if I can get same results on film. ? Those Canonet QL17s are great cameras! I hope you still have it.
  18. This reminds me of my 13 year old son's declaration that he is not afraid of heights, just of falling.
  19. Thats a fantastic job. As a 20 year veteran as a bicycle shop manager here in the US, at the shop that built its reputation on Raleighs and the various offshoots, I especially like your restoration. Where I worked in Princeton, New Jersey, a university town, there were many such bikes that had been around for a very long time indeed. My understanding of all of the various Raleigh badges had to do with import quantity restrictions; Raleigh imported lots o the same bike but with different badges and decals to get around it. Really nicely done, and I think you should put on a chai
  20. Or. . . next time just replace the battery and walk away LOL. I think we have all slipped down that rabbit hole many times. Glad you got it sorted. IMO when such things happen, I look at it as an opportunity to learn more about the watch; as you have done. Most fo us have an extra watch around to wear while something is in process.
  21. I second the motion that you should start an "off the wall watches" thread.
  22. The watch looks great. I love the typeface for the indices! Floor looks pretty good too!
  23. A small but mighty achievement. Well done and thanks for sharing.
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