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Hey guys, I have a DW-5600E (basic square G) and I love it, but its not my perfect sports watch.  I have been learning about the squares and have a decent idea of whats out there, but thought Id ask in case there are some more knowledgeable Gshockers on here.

I would like my next G shock to be atomic and solar, which is the vast majority of them above the 5600 level.  The one big niggle I have with these 5610's and all other squares I have seen that are solar and have the radio receiver are the pushers.  THe pushers on my 5600 are not to my liking and the "adjust" is recessed  (like they seem to all be) which is a pain.  I have a couple other casio sports watches (tough solar) and they all have very large easy to access pushers...easy for my fat fingers and I would like pushers like this on an atomic and solar square.  Do any of you fellows know of such a beast?

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1 hour ago, 9am53 said:

Hey guys, I have a DW-5600E (basic square G) and I love it

Have you tried asking a quartz watch lover forum or group? This one is 95% percent focused on mechanical watch repair so don't be surprised if you don't get the answers you would like.

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