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  1. Or is ther a timex ironman youd recommend?"
  2. I'll be leaving it as it is, but I think I have a bit of a bug for these eastern european commie watches. If they made any prims in the era with a 38mm+ case I may have to buy one or 2!
  3. Here she is, all done. I will be giving this to my brother as he doesn’t own a watch but wears a suit for work and has a good complexion and style for this colour of watch. The strap is calf skin and is very supple.
  4. Hey guys, I have a DW-5600E (basic square G) and I love it, but its not my perfect sports watch. I have been learning about the squares and have a decent idea of whats out there, but thought Id ask in case there are some more knowledgeable Gshockers on here. I would like my next G shock to be atomic and solar, which is the vast majority of them above the 5600 level. The one big niggle I have with these 5610's and all other squares I have seen that are solar and have the radio receiver are the pushers. THe pushers on my 5600 are not to my liking and the "adjust" is recessed (like they
  5. So I’m back. I finally got around to doing this job. I am just finishing up. Initially I thought you were bang on about the movement, as my picture shows it looks almost identical to the one you posted. Upon flipping it over and removing dial (which was CA glued on) I found a date ring...I’m guessing this is a frankenwatch. A pair of screws is also missing from the backside of the movement. It’s held in place my one screw and some good luck. Anyhow, I cleaned the dial with hot water. It looks a lot cleaner but I lost a bit of the lettering. The indices are a lot cleaner and the corros
  6. I’d take this watch for 20 bucks if it wasn’t a counterfeit. There’s plenty of nice Chinese watches for under 50 bucks on all the China sites that aren’t frauds.
  7. Crikey, thanks guys. I will open up my buddies faux-ris and have a look-see. I’m curious to see why it looks like. I’ll look for the white ring and anything else stamped on it. I won’t proceed with the trade though. I think the seiko 5 is too small for me so I’ll likely just not make the deal at all . That’s a shame.
  8. Is this one fake too? It has the plastic ring... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ca%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223633746004
  9. damn. thanks guys. my gut was right...as usual.
  10. One more thing about the watch, apparatly the previous owner replaced the crystal. A real oris would have a sapphire crystal would it not?
  11. I have a citizen eco drive I’m not fond of and am planning on trading a buddy for either an old oris or a seiko 5. Here is all I have to go on of the oris...I like the colours of the dial and it looks to be about 38mm which is my cut off for wearability...but when I google vintage oris I can’t seem to find any that look quite like this one. It makes me worry it’s fake. Any tips on what to look for when I see it?
  12. thanks I have a nylon strap and it needs to be cleaned regularly,, id prefer a polyester or polypropylene strap. I wasnt planning on starting a business, but I suppose if I could think of enough uses for the fabric I could order a fair bit
  13. I would like to start making my own fabric nato style straps. I have an industrial sewing maching that could handle webbing no problem, but every source of webbing I've found is in non-metric sizing. There are few I found on the various chinese sites that has 20mm strap material, but not 18 or 22 which is prodominantly what I'm looking for, and they dont have any patterns. Does anybody know where I can find a source for standard watch strap sized fabric webbing and the hardware? I can get thread easily...and I'm in canada, if its relevant.
  14. I have a nearly 9” wrist and the original strap on my little Casio obviously doesn’t fit. What strap recommendations would you guys have for a classic style Casio? NATO? Or is there a simple silicone you guys like?
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