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Trouble with mainspring and arbor, seiko 6309



I am working on Seiko 6309 automatic movement. The movement was quite dirty ao I cleaned up every parts of the watch.

What is giving me a headache is that the mainspring and arbor do not go along well inside the barrel.

I install them in the barrel then with pin vice, I hold one end of the arbor and try to wind the mainspring. When winding the mainspring this way, it works fine without the the arbor slipping away from the mainspirng.

Then the barrel is mounted on the plate and rachet wheel is installed on the arbor with screw.

This time I try winding the mainspring by turning the rachet wheel screw with a screw driver.

Problem occurs here. As the spring is wound, unpleasant slipping sound is heard from the barrel. Then I take out the barrel and open the lid only to find that the arbor has escaped from the inner coil of the spring.

What could be done in this case??

Thank you!

I don't have any photo but I will take some shot if it is necessary

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19 minutes ago, rogart63 said:

 Maybe the arbor is worn. Or if the spring is worn. Maybe you need to change the spring? Been there. 

Here are the photos of the mainspring and 

the hook parts of two arbors I have.

If I had no choice but to use what I have now, which arbor would work better??





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Hi, The most inner coil of HS should wrap around the arbor snug tight. You can reshape  the spring end,  to get the wrap tight.

Arbors hook  as the name applies should hook into the mainsprings eye with no chance of escape.  

If dispite above arbor escapes, the hook is worn out.  

Post close ups if you will, helps .

Best regards


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