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I got this smart watch off ebay about 6 weeks ago for blood pressure, heart rate etc. My problem is when I work up a sweat the dial shows up a milky bloom, there is also some spots on the glass inside fungus?? and also what looks like the processor ? over heating??  and shows up when the dial is not showing time etc..I have got a couple of photos to show, best I can get that shows what is actually  happening... I emailed the seller and he said to send some photos which I did he cam back with can I take it to a watch repairer for them to check, surely the cost of fixing if it can be fixed will cost more than the £30 I paid for it..Am I right to say I don't want this watch repaired of replaced and ask for my money back. I know it's only £30 but know this can't be fixed or can it, I know nothing about watches..

Thanks for any help.. Len






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