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Pin Pallet Watch Service


Hi Friends. 

I’m a newbie, just completing the BHI Tech Grade, exams in a few weeks.

Just come across a pretty but not expensive pendant watch that my partner would love me to service.  It runs for a while when not cased and not moved, stops when in case.  

It’s a pin pallet and I’ve heard these are not always the best to service? But want to give it a shot if only to learn and get it up and running for my partner (accepting it probably won’t be the best timekeeper). 

Can anyone possibly offer advice or does anyone have any documentation for servicing pin pallets in general?

Thanks so much for your expert help as always. 

Pictures attached. 




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UNOFFICALLY.....you could do this. Remove from case, reinsert stem. remove dial and hands. Immerse the movement in Naphtha, fully wound , it should run while immersed. let the movement wind down. remove and let dry.lubricate moving parts with a  synthetic motor oil.  just a very light touch. , don"t get any on the hair spring. No, it's not "proper".proper service would involve a total strip down and cleaning of every part. But as a novice you might not be prepared to do this. it can all be done with a decent screw driver.The economy set from esslinger isn't too bad.  ONCE AGAIN.. I reiterate..it is not the proper way to do it.but it ought to work for you.


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