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Another FNG

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From where I worked and am now retired, "FNG", I.E. Friendly New Guy!

Have been a watch enthusiast all of my years and recall sitting on my fathers lap and holding the Waltham 1883 my great-grandfather purchased in about 1900.  I have that watch now and it still runs, though not from any of my doing.  I hope to be there for it next time it quits.

Always have had the interest but never seemed to be able to knuckle down and just do it!  Now I shall.  I am into Marks course and about ready to do the hands on work.  The tools are still streaming in and I am playing with old junk movements whilst awaiting the recommended types from the usual sources.   I received my tweezers yesterday.  Wow, what a difference those make over the toys I've had for so long.  And these are just Stella!   Dumont will come when I feel the need or should I say the ability requires better.

I'm located in the middle of the US at the edge of the Ozarks plateau and look forward to making new friends around the globe who love the tick!

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