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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, I just recently had my Cartier tank fully serviced as the main spring broke ( was running perfectly before the main spring broke and i dint know when the last service was done so I went ahead and did the full service anyways ). Main spring was replaced. Got the watch back from my watch maker and about 5 hours later it stopped working as it seemed like the main spring broke again. Took it back again, main spring replaced, watch ran for about an hour and stopped again, so I then went back and dropped it to my watch maker, fixed it and advised a screw or what not was not tightened and the spring was not released?. So I got the watch back and it ran for about 6 hours and stopped again. Main spring is still good. The watch was able to wind fully but still does not run. I opened it up myself and I can see the balance wheel does move freely. My question is, what seems to be the issue here? Why does it keep stopping? Ill be taking it back to my watch maker for the 4th time now.... Thank you in advance! 1980s Cartier Tank 925 Argent Manual Wind.
  2. Hi everyone, I have some problems with a manual winding watch. It needs some work but I would try to do it myself. The watch appears fully wound but it doesn't work. Which is the problem? Thank you in advance Alessandro
  3. Greetings Guys from Puerto Rico: I'm new to the forum and also to the watch community, I love watches since childhood but now I am introducing to this all new repair aspect of it. I am on need for help since I have been reserching about 2 months ago from this particular caliber (7606A/42 799 RO) and with not sucess of find anything about it. The 7606A its in the balance cock printed and on the dial its marked as a 42 799 RO. If any one out there on the community has any information or the repair manual of it would be very helpful to me since a have a complete watch but in pieces. Just looking down as my first project ot get it back running if its possible. Thanks, Gustavo A.
  4. Hello dear watch repairers. I am disassembling a vintage citizen caliber 0200. It is a manual wind caliber with 21 jewels. I usually do not have much problem disassembling simple movement like this. However, the rachet wheel screw is very stiff and won't move at all. I tried to unscrew it anti-clockwise with nicely fitting screwdriver but it is stuck. Actually I have an bad experience with a citizen movement like this before. It was cal.1801, very similar to 0200 and only difference was the date function. I had same issue with the rachet wheel screw and I ended up breaking the screw. The head part of the screw came apart. Is this a typical issue with citizen calibers?? or am I doing it wrong?? Please help me out! caliber 0200.
  5. I just got my grandfathers Gucci 9300 Chronograph and I installed 2 new batteries. However, I cant seem to get the chronograph function to work properly and I cannot find any manual to help me get the watch back in working order. Any advice would be much appreciated
  6. I have a dear little vintage wrist watch. The movement runs well and the 2nd hand turns (it is on its own small dial) but the hour and minute hands don't turn unless the watch is face down.. You can set the time easily, but then they don't move when face up. Any help would be most welcome.
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