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  1. @jdm Completely understand your point! I already order a small kit to begin the trajectory and learn along the way. But clearly will continue learning and sharing my expercience with all in the forum. Have a great night, Be safe From PR
  2. Hello again guys, Thanks for the helpful info to all of you. Yesterday I also found this page, https://watchguy.co.uk/cgi-bin/library?action=show_photos&wat_id=2154 with some helpful photos to keep on the trajectory of the watch. Also thank you to @Graziano and @steve855 to post the link and also the info on the page. Attach I am uploading the actual situation of the watch and on what condition I the watch was giving to me. The previous owner friend of my grandfather gave it to me since he take it all apart and never was able to mount it again back.
  3. Greetings Guys from Puerto Rico: I'm new to the forum and also to the watch community, I love watches since childhood but now I am introducing to this all new repair aspect of it. I am on need for help since I have been reserching about 2 months ago from this particular caliber (7606A/42 799 RO) and with not sucess of find anything about it. The 7606A its in the balance cock printed and on the dial its marked as a 42 799 RO. If any one out there on the community has any information or the repair manual of it would be very helpful to me since a have a complete wat
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