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Found 10 results

  1. I have a flash shortcut to ETA labs 7750 calibre that showed assembly dis-assembly. It no longer works due to Adobe flash reaching EOL status. I visited ETA labs web site to see if there was an alternative and lo and behold no access to anything technical at all. Does anyone know how to get access to what we use to have access to? Looks like protectionism has escalated.
  2. Hello WRT! Glad to have found your site, the resources here are incredible for a beginning hobbyist like myself. I purchased a project LeJour 7000 (Valjoux 7750 powered) that is currently running hilariously fast- something like +2 hours per day. I purchased it with the intent to drop in a modern, more decorated 7750. The LeJour has a Day/Date dial (Seen here) but I've found a date-only 7750 that would fit the bill. Is it possible to use this movement and just add the day wheel from my current movement? Is the underlying hardware all there? Even better, what is the best way to research the parts necessary to do the conversion? Thanks all!
  3. Hello, I'm new here and into watch/horology world as well. I recently tried to replace the dial on my 7750 watch. 1) Open the wathc case 2) removed rotor 3) removed stem (gentle push of remove stem pusher and pull the stem out) 4) removed the movement from the case 5) put movment to movement holder 6) removed hands 7) removed dial 8) put new dial 9) pressed the hands back, hovewer during setting it up I realized the movement is not running - even when I wind it up - it is solid/stable and not ticking at all.. Kind of out of ideas what can went wrong, the movement was functional correctly before.. Thank you for any ideas. Mickey
  4. Hello guys.. I wanna ask.. How to adjust my eta valjoux 7750 movement to be faster.. Cause it slow 2-3 minute a day.. Do i just need to move this part to the (+) sign?? Thankyouu
  5. I'm having some unexpected behaviour from a eta 7750 that I'm trying to regulate after servicing. I went through service procedure using correct lubricants. Everything went fine. Actually I have some doubt on lubrication of incabloc wich I'm not sure I did correctly since I'm afraid that too much oil was placed in one of the two stones. The fact is that when I finished I wasn't brave enough to clean and lubricate it again ... shame on me but I felt that task to be very very difficult. Anyway after reassembling the watch I had it at my wrist for a week and it showed a great consistency at -10 sec a day. It'a stop grade movement and resting at night in DU, DD 9UP and 3UP positions always showed something between -14 -6 I was very happy with that result and I thought that a little regulation would have brought it to a very fine time keeping. Then I reopened the caseback and slightly moved etachron arm, that was resting in a nearly neutral position, in the + direction. Nothing happened (measuring with timegrapher open source app) Did it again, another slight push. Nothing ? ok I must have gone the wrong direction, then pushed all the way toward - Nothing happened. Ok this is annoying, all the way toward + nothing here I am, what I'm I missing? How come moving the regulator arm from - to + does not make any variation? I'm lost
  6. Hi, in order to buy appropriate spares in my attempt to service an Omega 175.0083 (7750) I need some advice: 1. I've already been suggested to replace MS: Barrel is Ok and I'm thinking of buying a new MS and moebius 8217 for barrel lubricating as I don't want to spend money on recommended Kluber 125 grease. Should I consider instead buying a barrel complete (assuming Barrel complete (180.1) comes with MS installed) wich supposedly comes prelubricated ? 2. Attached image shows automatic device bridge with evident sign of wear from where, to my understanding, the problem orginated: a screw came off I cant find original part. ETA part is different from Omega in that the Omega is larger and partially covers hammer two function and the chronograph cam. Beside that and since the watch has no crystal back case I think those parts are perfectly interchangeable. Do I need to replace the bridge or are there alternative aproaches to this problem? TIA Giuseppe
  7. A new 7750 movement, cleaning and assembly again, why watch swing only 260 °?
  8. Hello! I am servicing my first 7750 (thank you Mark for the YT videos and Lawson for the Disassembly/Assembly walk-through). The movement is not new - let's say it has an obscure unknown history It appears to be a genuine swiss 7750, but with a lower grade finish (very low...) When putting back the balance stones I noticed that there were two sizes (two pairs, because the cap stones fit the hole jewel settings). I put the smaller stone and hole-jewel on the mainplate and the larger ones on the balance cock. I tried to but the larger setting on the mainplate but it didn't fit quite right. I believe the springs are the same size - its just the stones that differ a bit (aprox 0.1mm) So my question is: did any of you stumbled upon the same issue? Is it normal for a 7750 to have two different stone sizes? Thank you! Bogdan
  9. Hey, guys, I have a 7750 movement where the rotor screw snapped off. I opened it up and it appears the rest of the screw is still inside the rotor post. Is there anything I can do to screw it back out?
  10. Hello, Hi Newbie here with my first attempt at watch repair. I just cleaned and disassembled my speedmaster (model 3513.53) 7750 movement having watched the breitling 7750 youtube videos, studied some walkthroughs and also the ETA assembly sheets but am having some problems re-assembling and getting it functioning. I installed all the (new; complete assembly) mainspring, train gear, the bridge, the ratchet wheel and then check by rotating the ratchet wheel whereupon a little a satisfying whirring noise occurs as all the wheels freely spin indicating that they are correctly installed. I install the (new) pallet fork and the bridge for that and it freely moves. Then I install the balance wheel, carefully and several times now but it doesn't enthusiastically oscillate like I see in all the youtube videos the momen it's installed. If I give it a nudge it moves seemingly freely and the pallet fork/escapement wheel moves back and forth but only for half a second then it stops. So I think there's not enough power from the (new; complete assembly) mainspring (same thing happened with the old mainspring)and give it some winds then inevitably the click spring pings out of the ratchet wheel teeth and unwinds the crown/mainspring rapidly (I have now damaged 2 escapement wheels in the process, snapping off their location pins) One time I physically held the click spring against the ratchet wheel so that it couldn't ping out, wound the watch a few times (maybe 10 turns) and got a few seconds of oscillation from the balance wheel but knew that the moment I stopped holding the click spring it would just ping out again! I notice now on ebay someone is actually selling a 7750 movement but with the click spring actually soldered (!) in place presumably to stop it pinging out like mine! I am trying to persevere and repair this watch myself despite this so joined this forum!!! I've tried assembly about 5 times with this now but can't get past it. Any ideas? Thanks.
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