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  3. This is amazing, upon closer inspection / disassembled the back. The watch advertisement says 6R15 internal movement. The movement is stamped 4R35B and it does not hack as a 4R35B. I guess it was a cheap knock-off. There ya go, be careful of liquidation sales. -Nick
  4. oils do change viscosity according to temperature..perhaps it has been over oiled?thin and runny at body temperature a little thicker at room temperature? Causing a drag.
  5. There are scads of old movements out there.back in the day they melted the cases down..you could put them in a stainless steel case.for wear on your wrist.as stated by milosbn
  6. I wanted to see who has purchased Seiko's 6R15 and what their experience has been. I bought a Seiko watch, one of several I have with a 6R15. I have all but given up on Seiko mechanical watches. The 6R15 like the 7S26 or 809....just garbage. I am not a brand person mind you, I could care less. If I was I would have spent $5k on name brand but choose not to because I know what goes into these watches. I am the same way with electronics ( I am an EE). It looked pretty, but couldn't help but notice how light it was, felt cheap. When I put it on my Watch Tester, it was horrible. +19sec dial up, -9 stem down, ...etc. The error was > 0.8 ms. The lowest was 0.6 in a position I would have to break my arm to get to. I have not seen this in any of Miyota movements. Even the horribly cheap ones, tune up beautifully. I just don't seem to have luck with Seiko. Maybe I am being too critical for what these are. The automatic movement weight is stiff, you have to really spin the case to get it moving. No crunching sounds and I can see if working through the 2nd bottom crystal. I am going to see if breaking it in helps, I doubt it, since it didn't help the 7s26 nor the 809. The ETA 2824-2 was reasonable out of the box. Tuning it was a breeze. Anyone work on 6R15's? what's the deal? -Nick
  7. The answer to that is a definite perhaps. Haha. Drop a bit on and see, it can't hurt it after all. It de greases well enough.
  8. No chance, this is crazy fine. I tried a beading needle (which I keep as an emergency unblocker for 0.2mm airbrush nozzles which it'll fit through and protrude by a couple of mm) but that's not close. The hole has to be 0.1 or smaller.
  9. Hi Ascanio part 550.1451 is indeed the locking for the rotor, remove the screw and lift off the rotor removing the lock as you do so . I should put back the old axle and re fit the rotor and check for freedom again. number 550.1400 is the axle. I have attached the tech sheet for the 565 just in case there are different Numbers although all 500 series are usually common. The only thing that could have bent the axle is its had a knock. You could try straightening the old axle using a pin vise over it and gently reforming it checking the clearance as you go but be gentle. 377_Omega 565 NewLR.pdf
  10. Hi! This is my first post just after the quick introduction one . I did purchase an Omega 565 movement but I have noticed the rotor is touching the watch in its round moves. I did conclude (!) the rotor axale is a bit bent so I decided to purchase a spare part 550.1400 (Rotor Axale) and replaced it. Surprisingly the rotor now fits very very tight and it's very hard to rotate (it would never turn by gravity alone). I did read that the rotor axale 550.1400 and the pinion in the rotor need to be broached/mated, but I did not expect a new axale and an used (and possibly worn out) pinion would match so tight to not to move. Question: do I really have to broach the pinion of the rotor so it can move freely? And can I do it with a manual broaches without a staking tool (which I did not purchase yet...)? I am a bit scared as still I did not fully understand what prevents the rotor to fall off the axale, I suspect it's the gib 550.1451 but it is not clear from the exploded view at page 10 of manual of calibre 551 which I use for reference... Thank you!! Ascanio
  11. Welcome Ascanio you will end up with many tools and many clocks etc its addictive. Florence is my Favourit city in Italy a beautiful place full of culture the Galleria is awsome.
  12. Hello from Florence & Tourin! I started watchmaking as hobby a few months ago, as I am commuting weekly between Florence and Tourin, I have made this my Tourin hobby and I am filling up my apartment with more and more tools... you know how it goes I spent nights watching videos and I just had to register to the forum! See you around. Cheers.
  13. Hello from Florence & Tourin! I started watchmaking as hobby a few months ago, as I am commuting weekly between Florence and Tourin, I have made this my Tourin hobby and I am filling up my apartment with more and more tools... you know how it goes I spent nights watching videos and I just had to register to the forum! See you around. Cheers.
  14. And behold the TOP CLOP DE LUXE flies again. But I still don't know what the 21 stands for but at least it now has a 17 jewel movement.. Tha folks is everything I can contribute with for Easter Fun...
  15. The Rondamatic movement is numbered/cal 1239 25jewels "Grovana watch co" I have tried Cousin's as they do stock Ronda parts, but they don't list 1239 ! The Oris is marked 233-68E and I can find very little on this either. If anyone has any ideas as to where I can look I would be most obliged. Everything I have done so far has been on Seikos and you can get most things readily, in fact in a greengrocers! Now I realise that when my dad used to say "your problem is you just don't think" he was 100% right lol.
  16. After a couple of hours the dial was ready to pop into place.. It fit like a champ. So on with the dial hands. And the movement ring and the winding stem.
  17. But instead of soldering the dial legs into place I decided the Top Clop needed the state of the art solution and the dial legs got glued into place.
  18. So I got into a panic state and thought lots of a lot bad things until I just popped the movement out. I found an donor movement with the same diameter .. ST974 and measured the diameter of the dial legs.. Found a box with dial legs lying around and picked out the right ones. With a marker pen I put out the correct positions. Pulled out the soldering station and the special soldering paste.
  19. The other day I got "The feeling" when looking at some what Andy call 404 watches, there was on that just svreamed buy me so I did. I thought what can go wrong with a superiour watch called Top Clop De Luxe, must for sure be one of the kind and extremely rare. Said and done i through in a bid for a dollar and won it like a land slide victory.. after a couple of days it magicly appearde on my door step and I brought it in for a royal overhaul. My first thught was ..wounder what that 21 is? well atleast it got an famous Unbreakable Mainspring ! Well when I turned it around and removed the back it felt like something was missing. It didn't really look like the "High End" BF 866 I'm used too..
  20. Hi all, I've run out of ideas about where I can source a couple of links for a Seiko 7T32-7G00 The link reference is 4847JZ and if I remember rightly is also the same band reference for Seiko 7N42-7B60 and 7T62-0DB0. I thing I've more of a chance finding a gold nugget. Has anyone got one of these bands or a couple links? Many thanks in advance.
  21. Can you identify the movement in the citizen? Probably a Myiota Iam guessing. Cases are def. available for Myiota but then again it depends on the caliber and also how old the movement is. I would do your search based on the movement because to try to get another case for a different movement to fit even though it may have the same size diameter and even height will still be very difficult. If you manage to get a movement to fit you also have to consider securing the movement with a spacer and fitting a new stem and crown. Not for the faint at heart.
  22. Temperature has nothing to do with your watch running so fast. Seikos generally have higher fluctuations in accuracy in comparison to non COSC swiss movements as just stated by JDM...what are the other TG readings? Amplitide? any beat error? Fast running watch could be from dirty and/or sticking hairspring, movement being magnetized, or may simply just need to be regulated.
  23. Hi Lc Looks pretty bad . best thing to to is remove the spring from the balance and the balance from the cock lay the spring on the cock centered over the jewel hole then carefully stroke the spring back into the round removing the kinks as you go. Its a time consuming job care and patience are the watch word. In the case of Balance complete, It comprises of the balance wheel with balance spring fitted and timed complete with stud ready to attach to the balance cock and put into the movement. No adjustments needed other than slipping it into the regulator. Might be the quickest option.
  24. If you are going to start on clocks, get yourself a timepiece only. If you want to start with a travel clock, get a Europa alarm. They are easy to work on and if it needs re-bushing you can buy the bushes readymade. You will need a staking tool with punches, just knock the old out and tap the new in.
  25. Happy bday. Beautiful piece. I got the package yesterday. Thank you. Ill be sending out the 3D prints this weekend. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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