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  2. I normally would not buy an automatic, but at 50% off, this is a beautiful piece. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Citizen Blue Angle EcoDrive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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  5. That is a great option, I haven't used a timer that had the colored lines. Very nice.
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  7. Well, that's pretty convincing and I think you've nailed these oddities! I certainly don't have any examples of them in my collection of old nonsenses. Neither, obviously, does Ranfft, so well done Chris Lorenz. Cheers. Edit: This in response to @AndyHull last posting
  8. Late 80's or early 90's. Bought new from Argos as a new daily wear. Cleaned it and fitted a battery a few weeks ago.
  9. Couldn't say what the brand was but it was a mechanical winding watch and on the dial was a native American Indian on horseback and instead of a seconds hand he held a tomahawk which ratcheted back and forth, almost like the motion of a pallet fork. Cannot tell you how much I wish I still had it. If only as a reminder of my parents.
  10. Mine was a boys Ingersoll wrist watch. I haven't a clue how old I would have been.
  11. Thanks for the info. The Rodeo is remarkably similar to this. https://www.uhrwerksarchiv.de/movements/c/crc/crc-960/ .. but perhaps is closer to this. https://17jewels.info/movements/c/crc/crc-860/ It has the cruder balance, but a different "shock" spring arrangement as opposed to what looks suspiciously like glue on the example here. The "LiJac" is certainly from the same stable, but even simpler in its construction.
  12. Well I won't try until I've sorted all the other problems out. If its too difficult I might try making a tool or perhaps purchasing the chinese version. Thanks for your assistance .
  13. That's what I was saying. That ring holds the bearing to the rotor. Try putting that ring back. I think you'll find it very difficult.
  14. Hi all, was just wondering what was the very first proper watch other forum members ever owned? In my case it was a Nidor Vibraflex 17 jewel manual wind, that my nan bought me in 1966. Hopefully one will pop up on eBay as I have lost the original !
  15. I usually get to tinker with it later on when it’s dark. I just bought two 15W cool light - light bulbs for the room, it helps a little but it’s not great, it’s too high in the ceiling. Ideally I could do with something behind me (from the side) and fairly close to cancel the shadows but having a floor lamp would be very awkward. Ideally I’d like something I could put on the desk, sort of a spot light that’s powerful and I could move about and direct the light where I need it.
  16. Thanks HSL for your pics..I tried to short cut the work by removing the rotor whilst leaving the bearing on the movement but the lack of power to the pallet fork indicates something more sinister. Chris
  17. Its a tear down job watchweasel...Thats the easy bit Re assembly is not quite so simple. Thanks a lot for the PDF which is most helpful
  18. I did that very carefully so as not to scratch the rotor. The rotor removed (bearing still on the movement) so I could work on the balance but when I got to that stage as HSL says very lethargic movement from the pallet fork. So its a tear down job
  19. How about making the room lighter. Better main lighting. If you have a window in the room, how about moving you bench around to benefit from that. The table top could be a lighter colour.
  20. Correction, balance cock not quite identical, but close enough to be of same family, methinks!
  21. I struggle with lighting. I have a good 21 Watt, 6500 K led desk lamp but I need something additional due to shadows. Oiling jewels is difficult, slots in screw heads can be difficult to see… I do have a little led lamp (in the picture) but that’s too high and doesn’t help at all. I could get an adjustable floor lamp and put a good bulb in it but it’s not very practical, I’d have to keep moving it out of the way all the time. I’m thinking of a ‘goose neck’ led lamp: https://durston.com/product/durston-led-goose-neck-lamp-dim-cct-white-eu-plug/ Is there something good around 15W I could get?
  22. Thought I had a 2892-2 lying around but the 2892A2 is almost the same just slighly upgraded. So to avoid confusion I've taken some pictures to show how to reach the balance and where to remove the three small screws to remove the rotor. Picture 1 and 2 shows the three screws which to remove so the winding mechanism can be removed. On picture 3 you can see the three small screws to be removed if you want to take off the rotor without removing the bearing. Picture 4 reveals the balance, it will only swing with the stem in position 1. Fully pushed in. Picture 5 is how i guess you check the power transfer from the drivetrain, you have to wiggle the pallet fork otherwise nothing will happen. If you gently wiggle the pallet fork and nothing happens you have an fault somewhere in the drivetrain.
  23. Thanks for the clarifications, very helpful.
  24. Hi fellow addicts found on the net under the NAWCC banner in the index a section on making and using Horological tools, Maybe usefull for those of us who like to make our own bits and pieces. Quite a list of information to browse through.
  25. Did you not remove the ring with the cutouts by pushing on the cutouts and rotating it?
  26. Apologies for not clarifying re the timegrapher but first, I should also have mentioned, I use a piece of pegwood, (one end a point, the other a flat edge like a screwdriver) to adjust the regulating arm, for the aforementioned potential problem of leaving marks. Restarting isn't necessary at all, just that it seems to take longer to pick up the difference if left running than if you press stop then strart, I haven't timed it, it just seems that way to me, but either way, you'll need to allow a few seconds for the beat to settle back into a smooth rhythm. The dual coloured lines are useful, and even restarting will still work, you just note whether the blue or the yellow line was uppermost. I find it useful because if you go from a small BE like 0.5 to 0.3, you could 0.3 on the opposite side and the lines are so close you can't tell on the screen so the split colour helps.
  27. yes, it requires a stem crown just for this model.
  28. Hi Chris find enclosed tech sheet might be of some use . Lack of power at the escapement look back in the train for a jam (dirt) broken or bent pivots mainspring broke there are many reasons but it sounds like a tear down job good luck 774_ETA 2892-2NEWSmaller.pdf
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