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Workbench Height Solution.

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Most amateur watchmakers use existing tables or work tops for doing their repairs. The big problem is the height is usually far to low to be comfortable when working for long periods. The cost of a proper watchmakers workbench is in most cases prohibitive, bearing in mind I am talking about hobbiests and not professionals.

My solution to the problem was to make a small table to sit on top of my computer desk that gives extra working height. It also slips underneath the computer monitor and allows normal desk height when I require to use my wee lathe. The Bergeon sheet has been trimmed down to A4. I decided on A4 as it allows me to use a clean sheet of A4 paper every time I assemble a movement. All edges are raised to prevent components rolling off, the front edge being slightly lower than the others. The overall height is 150mm, but this could be made to suit the individual. Ideally I would have made it slightly taller, but it would not slide underneath my computer monitor.

Here's a couple of photos.




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That is a beautifully simple solution! BTW, why does everyone's work space start looking the same? No matter how much room you think you'll have it's never enough! ......same with car garages!

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Very nice work.  Do you have construction plans for it?


BTW,  what's the lighter fluid for, cleaning parts?

Sorry I don't have plans, they were just scribbled on a piece of paper when I made it two years ago. As I said, the working area on the top fits an A4 sheet of paper exactly, you could scale it from there. The height would really depend on what the individual was comfortable with.

The lighter fluid is for cleaning parts. If I'm working on a really filthy watch I like to soak it in lighter fluid before cleaning the parts ultrasonically.

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Orrrrrrrrrrr, if you haven't got time, or funds, I made one out of a cardboard box, filled with bubble wrap for rigidity, finished in imitation leather fabric stuff and an A4 cutting mat on top ....... works brilliantly ....




Stores at side of work area.....





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Bought a few of these a while back, they work perfect on a standard desk top:


they are available here: http://www.viking-direct.co.uk/a/pb/Wooden-3-Drawer-Unit-Silver/pr=Q29&id=3TNP-SB/


I plan on fixing 2 or 3 together and making a top similar to this:


would buy one but the cost in excess of £1000.

I am in the process of refitting the office at present & will post a pic once finished.

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4 hours ago, tomh207 said:

Hello @tomh207

No joy there:


I am currently developing the plans for a simple Portable Watchmakers Desk.

I have already started talking with some manufacturers in South China about making them from a sustainable source (Bamboo or Pine).

They will have:

- An A2-sized 3-sided top
- Integrated carry handles
- 2x2 drawers configuration (4 total)
- Sturdy base w/ integrated adjustable feet

Here's some concept drawings...


Here's a general idea of what the material (bamboo) looks like.  Personally, I like the way it looks. 🙂



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3 hours ago, tomh207 said:

Doing further research they they don’t look that good Gramham 





Hello @tomh207,

You mean the drawers you referenced in your post?  That's too bad...

Well, you can always critique the Portable Watch Repairers Bench that I'm trying to define and develop here in China if you are so inclined and have the time...  🙂


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