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  1. Just got one of my Grail watches.. Breguet type XX 3820 flyback chronograph in stainless steel, yay!
  2. Out for a test drive... Just finished putting this one together... The movement is a dual train design. Basically, it's two movements on one plate.. The left side train just runs the left balance wheel while the right side side balance and the motion work. If any one is curious, the extra function of the motion work does reduce power to the balance wheel. The left balance wheel has an amplitude of approximately 310 degrees while the right balance will has an amplitude of approximately 285 degrees. For some reason I was not equating this difference to the motion work and thought there was
  3. I will try to put together a walk-through of the process of dial printing along with creating the plate itself. Honestly I spend more time on the computer designing the dial layout then it takes two create the actual plate or print the dial.
  4. I'm very satisfied with how this dial turned out. I'm building and Elgin pocket watch conversion into wristwatch and wanted a vintage military dial look. I had recently purchased a lume kit but hadn't had the chance to use it yet. I design the dial with bold outlined numerals for the purpose of filling with lume. It really turned out better than I ever hoped! The first dial I did turned out very acceptable, except that I had another issue with it and had to start over. I learned quite a bit just from doing that one dial. Once I had the printing plate made I repainted the origin
  5. If this watch looks familiar it's made up of a bunch of homage pieces and parts.. a Tudor black Bay case, a jaeger-lecoultre master compressor dial and hands, and a Rolex Submariner ceramic bezel.. none of it fit together out of the box I had to do a lot of Machining and modifying to get everything to fit together. Even the movement, it is a ETA 2834 with the day wheel removed and the expansion ring for the 13.5 line size..
  6. I wish I could...but the dials are already printed with it.
  7. We'll, I did a test print on a vintage NOS watch... I think it works.. it's a little lower on the dial than I like but I think the scale is good.
  8. Very jealous that you got to go see this! I would love to experience this major event...I believe Patek Philippe only does these road shows in the U.S. maybe once a decade(?). I someday plan to visit the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva ...
  9. I have asked and received feedback from my best customers and it has been unanimously good... I like the idea of using my djw logo adding the caliber number on the dial too, but that can get a bit crazy if the caliber has a long designation. And I'd have to create a different printing plate for every caliber... Just thinking out loud.
  10. Here's a blast from the past! Well over the last two to three years I've figured out that people don't really care about my personal logo and are actually are kind of put off by it. The watches that I've sold with my logo have routinely sold for less than watches that I print with maybe the manufacturer's name of the movement on the dial or just a blank dial. That's just a little disappointing but I understand why... So I've spent the last few weeks trying to come up with something that would still tell my story but would not look such like a personalized dial which is someone's init
  11. Ok, I need your watch! I have this unique Day date dial movement combination. I need to find a case for it and yours has the exact dial shape that I've been looking for! It's kind of unique since it has a full day display and date on the same line..
  12. Another NOS Benrus..same as the stainless steel version I posted earlier. I purchased a lot of 19 NOS Benrus watches and I'm slowly getting them back in running order. They've been sitting around in their original factory shipping box for over 40 years. Most had broken crystals and some had calendar issues but they all seem to just need a good service to get running correctly... They'll keep me busy for a good while!
  13. New Old Stock Benrus automatic with a as 2066 movement Circa 1975
  14. Funny! I thought of Omega for a completely different reason... your Helvetia movement reminds me of the Omega movements of that same era..nice watch!
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