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  1. There are better examples available at a more competitive price, also condition is paramount. That looks like it could do with a bit of TLC......
  2. I have worked on a few Zeniths, but not one with this type.
  3. Sorted it. The intermediate drive wheel for the minute cog is meant to be a friction fit enabling it to rotate. Some one had crimped it on so hard, it wouldn't turn. Stripped it an reamed it out slightly. Now working a treat.
  4. Thanks for the help. Tool for this is obsolete, is what I found. I made a tool similar to above from the thick plastic movement holders on ebay for next to nothing. Nice and smooth inside, not damaging gasket. Fine layer of silicone, not liberally as in above diagram. Card cut out to push the glass to form a lip. Worked a treat and glass is in first time, with no problems. Thanks all.
  5. Sorted. Both gaskets totally broken down to gunk
  6. servicing Speedy mark 2. Needs new crystal and is held in place with looks like black bitumen. Any ideas where can I get the Black glue from? Cousins only have a clear one that I can see. Thanks
  7. yes it does and holds tight. If I take the pressure off slightly with an oiler it allows you to rotate the hand wheels, but in only one direction. There is something in opposition somewhere. I cannot be the only one to encounter this problem, surely.
  8. Zenith 120 Hi, I have just serviced a Zenith 120, with centre second hand. The problem is, when all the train wheels are in place and all other parts, barrel, keyless and motion works. The watch will wind and run, but when the crown is pulled to change the time, the train wheels lock up totally. Is this something to do with the Hack feature, or have I assembled it wrong, perhaps two pinions are opposing each other.. I have been servicing for 4 yrs and have not come across this before. The third wheel has the double pinion. If anyone has a service schedule for the 120, or has a solution, I would greatly appreciate the help. Keith
  9. Exactly what I thought, bit of a pain.
  10. Hi All, does anyone know if the Pawl Jewel on the ESA 9162 Resonator, comes on the replacement or can it be purchased separately. I have a movement that needs a new Pawl Jewel, Cousins sell the resonator but do not mention the Pawl Jewel. I'm hoping it is available as the Resonator is £70.50.
  11. Hi Guys, Having a pig of a job re-fitting a Bale shaped Acrylic glass back into a Zenith. The recess where a gasket would normally fit, was full of grease, which may have been part of the water resistance, never seen that before. Anyway had to remove the grease to re-finish the case. any ideas greatly appreciated. Keith
  12. All the teeth Re fine. Just need to know the position of the day arm. 180 degrees to the date does not work.
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