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Armani Ar4633 Winder Removal?

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I need some help with repairing my Armani AR4633.

I've watched some vids on YouTube but none of them resemble the movement of this particular watch.

My first problem is removing the winder.  I cannot see anything which looks like it will release the winder and I don't want to poke around inside it any more for fear of creating any damage.

Any help will be much appreciated.




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I have hi-lighted your picture to show you where to press - you will see a slight depression in the setting lever:



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See what happens when you pull the crown into the set position, sometimes a tab will appear beside the stem which you depress.

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    • Mishaps can only be reduced, we improve, gain confidence, dexterity and    .... through practice, so Welcome to the club.
    • it probably depends upon what school you go to as one of the schools I went to their favorite tool was this one found at the link below. it appears to be no longer in the Bergeon catalog so I assume it was discontinued also. Probably because it's rather expensive. https://www.nielsmachines.com/de/verkauft-bergeon-5478-mofres-balance-staff-remove.html I suspect what you're seeing with Swiss tools is the perception of what they perceive is needed. In other words the perception is that people are no longer changing balance staffs in modern watch repair because they just replacing the balance complete. knocking the staff out only works some of the time. You have to understand what you're doing when you using the tools.  my experiences with the K&D tool it would also apply to the other one. basically what it is if you attempt to knock the staff out and it shows resistance then you have to have a  lathe. Especially when you get in the vintage watches for a variety of reasons the rivet is extreme and driving it out is not in the best option. one of the schools I was that the instructor showed how before knocking out input the balance in the  lathe and you just weaken the rivet. He always had perfect success with that but if you're an instructor in a classroom you get really good at doing balance staffs. Then unfortunately especially if you're doing vintage watches you going to need a lathe. Often times staffs have to be modified or pivots have to be refinished.  
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