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How to communicate using a watch

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Well, say what you will about the Russian leader, but taking off the watch at the beginning of the interview is a very respectful way to signal that the time for the interview is unlimited and open to reflection. I'll remember that if I find myself in that situation.


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    • A Longines that is not worth servicing???  I concur with @oldhippy - bloody stupid advice.  I have a couple Longines and I love them both.  They are extremely accurate and look positively dashing; everything a fine watch needs to be.  And what you have certainly looks genuine from the pictures.  And it looks superb!  A service by a reliable professional should soon have it running in top form.
    • Next time I’ll know!  All part of the experience.  I enjoy a little sarcastic humor but the entire process has always been enjoyable.  I learn something every day.  
    • 🤔 are you sure he's not pulling your leg ? I cant think of a reason why someone would even attempt to do something like that instead of just vibrating another hairspring to suit from another movement . A mainspring yes but not a hairspring surely ?
    • What you have is considered a two-piece regulating system. Move the regulating arm back to zero.. Then move the  hairspring pins  to the suitable location and then fine adjust with the regulating arm. It's a two-piece system. Often times when you look at the parts list ill actually show two separate pieces layered together  this time it does not but we have to look at the fine print So the picture gives the impression that it's a one piece regulator.. But the text tells a different story   So with a system like this you can roughly adjust the regulating pins then do the fine adjustment with the arm..
    • Hi, I'm servicing a mid-1970s ETA 2789. One problem I'm having is in order to get the sec/day to +/- I need to move the regulator arm all the way to the + side. While I do have it running well at this position (+/- 10 sec/day multiple positions, 0.0ms beat error, 255 du/dd 220 cu/cd etc..), there is no room left for any further adjustment. I don't see any way to adjust the balance wheel--what can I do besides leave it as is? THanks in advance--Jay
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